NAME ONE USEFUL THING done by Russell, Rutherford, F.Franz

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  • thetrueone

    Here's one thing that might have a plausible value, the WTS. in it's operations as a publishing house showed how

    religion and corruption can intertwine itself where there there is a business acumen pushing it from behind.

    Shechiayah says - They applied logic and reasoning to Bible Study

    The WTS logic came in as self endeavored and noticeably corrupt marketing scheme to further the

    proliferation of its own published literature.

  • james_woods
    I was thinking of Russel before. If you watch those VILE videos about how he started the organisation off 100 odd years ago, it speaks about how he became annoyed that so many churches had fallen away from truth, and that he wanted to restore it. I believe that is at least one honourable thing he did.

    But he launched it with a grand continuation of previous Adventist false prophecy: 1844, 1874, (into his 1914).

    I do not see how that was either honorable or useful.

    What he built, was built on false prophecy from day one. And the religion is still eaten up from within by continued false prophecy.

  • thetrueone

    Shechaiyah also said - They study TOPICALLY; so they are more effective teachers.

    The sole teaching aspect of the WTS. is to train individuals to proselytize, sell, propagate, distribute more of the WTS literature openly to the public.

    Thats effective marketing at its core, nothing else and is clearly corrupt exploitation for the sake of commercial appeal.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Every Supreme Court ruling helped all religions. It sets a precedent for every litigant. Nazis and the KKK have benefitted from civil rights cases brought by the civil rights movement and Witnesses. The Supreme Court decision issues an order, usually just returns it to the trial court, to redo the case and apply the new version of the law. The entire common law system involves appellate courts interpreting the law so that trial judges can apply it. Trial judges determine the facts b/c they can see the witnesses' demeanor, etc. . Trial judges have very little room in selecting law. Since the Supreme Court is the last step, every court must look at the cases before them (rarely do two cases have the same facts and procedure) and decide how close their case is to the Supreme Court ruling.

    It works for the most part. Presently, it not working with Establishment Clause law. The justices are so equally divided and very dissatisfied with their own work. Different cases have markedly different results on what appear to be whimsical differences. Poor trial judges have no clue what to do.

    I had employment research to do. My plan is to access my academic database and find a poli sci type article. The Internet is littered with descriptions of the famous cases. Freedom of religion was not the only issue. Freedom of speech was also a key component. Dems, GOPS, and smaller parties of every persuasion have been able to canvass b/c of these rulings. Most importantly to me, some small girl in the same situation as my mom, forced to not salute the flag by her JW parents, is able to complete her education. My mom was expelled at fourteen. She was not a rabble rouser. Her dreams died and then when I was born, she lived through me. I became so obsessed about school precisely b/c of what happened to my mom. My grade achievements were never solely my own.

    Speaking of flag salute, the Court ruled parents could not be punished b/c of flag salute. If my grandmother were going to be punished, my mom would have been allowed to salute, drill, and enlist in the military. Little kids should not bear such a burden. The Court has never ruled whether children can be barred from punishment because of flag salute. Everyone acts as though the Court barred punishment but it has not ruled. I want to represent the Amish kid who wants to continue school.

  • james_woods

    I always have a terrible time following the thought process of your thread posts, Band on The Run.

    So, again - what specific USEFUL (key word being USEFUL) SC ruling did the JWs achieve?

  • Terry

    I personally find enormous Hubris contained in the JW strategy to appeal to the SUPREME COURT!

    1. Watchtower policy is to not engage in community service, PTA, voting anybody into office, serving in the armed forces or even alternate service.

    2.Watchtower policy has always been to condemn governments as tools of satan on the cusp of destruction at the hands of god's armies.

    3.Until the early 60's, Watchtower policy was to TWIST Romans 13 from its very obvious meaning (obey the authority of Government) into the exact opposite (Jehovah and Jesus not secular government).

    4.Door to door work is to make all citizens into one of their own minions under the thumb of Governing Body dictates.

    In view of these things: WHERE THE HELL DO THEY GET THE CHUTZPAH to appeal to Court instead of sticking to prayer and martyrdom?

    You don't want to salute the flag or defend your country but you DO want that same country to coddle you and keep you safe?

    What brass balls!

  • james_woods
    What brass balls!

    Could not agree more, Terry. And I have always had the impression that it was done more out of spite and hubris than out of genuine concern for their own peoples well-being (let alone that of other religions, LOL).

    If they had been concerned with JW peoples well-being, they would have let people of our age (Vietnam era) serve as conscientous objectors and not go to prison.

    On that topic, isn't it true that Quakers were historically anti-war, and were excused from service as far back as the civil war on grounds of conscience? Point being that the witnesses did not invent that civil liberty, or win it for the first time.

  • thetrueone

    Every Supreme Court ruling helped all religions.

    Possibly so but did that help humanity ?

    The WTS's decisions fought in the courts may have opened the door wider to more destructive maligning fringe cults.

    By the way those rulings also availed the WTS to continue to operate unimpeded and to flourish without control mostly under their own self governance.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I planned to find an short article both simple and elegant describing the Witnesses litigation success and its legacy. EBSCO Host and Lexis Legal were my planned destinations. Because it is such an interest of mind, I was willing to read for hours to find the proper article. I did not want something too pedantic or too legal.

    An earlier post made me cancel my plans. No one is seriously interested in the research question. Once posted, it would be attacked. Although I just copied it and perhaps broke copyright law, I would be attacked. There is a difference between hostility and interesting discussion of different viewpoints. Repeatedly, I've explained how the legal system works. I refuse to spend hours to be mocked and have my profession mocked, also.

    The key is called shepardization (after a publishing company called shepherd's). Normally, you need a legal database or large law library to shepardize. Since we are doing it for nonlegal reasons, googling will suffice. It won't be perfect but we will be in the ball park. Wikipedia, FindLaw, the ACLU, Citizens United, Freedom from Religion will have JW case tables. Type the case name in Google or FindLaw for Federal court cases. Hundreds of cases will show up. Skim the short descriptions at the start of the cases. Note the litigants. Google Scholar will have a treasure trove of professional journal discussions.

    Anyone with access to a law library or commercial legal research program, I will give more detailed instructions.

    I am not "your girl." Of course, I remain willing to be a member of a community but I will not be ordered and hectored to do research. The person demanding is not interested in the answer. Whatever is found will be mocked. I've described how to perform the research in a simple manner. This process removes much editorial comment so the results will not be slanted. I remain willing to help refine the process for anyone truly interested.

  • james_woods

    Nobody is hectoring you, Band on The Run.

    In fact, I was asking the original poster who came up with the Supreme Court rulings idea as an example of something useful the Watchtower society had done to simply name one such example - (a Supreme Court ruling that was actually USEFUL, especially one that was USEFUL to anyone ouside the JWs).

    Nobody has been able to do so thus far.

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