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  • TheyCantDoATing Man
    TheyCantDoATing Man

    I think you should seek mental help

  • punkofnice
    He hardly has any time to himself!!

    Mary - At least he can leave things safely in the hands of the GB!

    You know, while he's protecting Sisters in failed circus he can be sure the GB will take affirmative action against the pedophiles in congregations without them fearing it brings reproach on the 7 headed beast of Brooklyn.

  • IsaacJ22

    You'd think Jehovah's prophet would know better English. Or have a better translator for when he goes trolling for suckers online.

  • dinah

    I saw Jesus last night, it was some good weed.

  • cantleave

    Mosessimon - I saw the Lord too.....

    I was in the Pub, my head began to feel wooozy, suddenly the room darkened, the other voices became more distant, I began to taste a metallic sensation in my mouth and the beer and peanuts I consumed miracously reappeared in front of me.

    They took the shape of the Lord, they smelt sweet and had a holy texture. The rest of the evening was taken away from me by the Lord, I awoke in a police cell not knowing how I got there, feeling light headed and drowsey. I was then notified of the MIRACLE that occured when the Lord was with me. How my car lost control, but the Lord made me swerve away from the oncoming traffic, and arranged for a heathen, a man in a Turban, to take the impact of my car so that my life could be saved.

    I am suffering for my Lord, the courts decided to persecute me, they imprisoned me and withdrew my licence. I am happy that the Lord see's fit to refine me.


  • AwareBeing

    Oh dear! The poor chap has been taken over by the demons and doesn't even know it!

    That which he claims to be miracles are nothing less than disasters,

    and are the same sort of information that's channeled to sprit mediums.

    His sighting of the trinity shows that his god isn't the same as the early church fathers

    who were mono-theists.

    And we all know that asking stangers for money is a no no.

  • punkofnice
  • startingover

    I would be real interested in Shelby's take on this guy.

  • startingover

    Bumping this thread up because I really want to know Shelby's take on this. If she avoids it, maybe a new thread is in order.

  • agonus

    "ROFL MAO" is one of the funniest picture/caption combos I've seen in a long time. Tip o'me hat to ya still thinking. :)

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