My judicial commitee is tonight at 7pm!

by TimothyT 51 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • punkofnice

    You have taken a stand by not going. You have told those 'cult approved' men that you do not recognize their authority and therefore cannot play their deadly game.

    Well done! If you went they wouldn't listen to you anyway!

  • TimothyT

    Jean Luc Picard: I think my dad will be affected by my decision. If they put pressure on him he wont like it. We shall have to see.

    Billy the exbethelite: I always enjoy reading your posts... your bible knowledge always highlights to me that sometimes the JWs have some very odd traditions which are not bible based. I have heard you use the expression "I disfellowship them" before. I think its REALY good and i have even used it when speaking with some others. Thanks very much.

    Shamus 100: Haha... i like the sound of that!

    Allelsefails: Thats a good point. I neither wanted to make a dramatic exit or stay in, so i decided their was no point in going. They knew my feelings and i knew the organisations policies. What is there to gain from going?

    Thanks to everyone else for your nice words.

    Timmy xxx

  • nugget

    Timothy we made the same decision not to attend. We'd said all that needed to be said so sitting in a room being judged was pointless. Hold you head up this is an opportunity to walk away making a clean break. I wish you every happiness.

  • unshackled

    Congrats Timothy on your new life...its all yours now. Good call on not attending, not worth wasting any more breath on those drones.

  • isojourn

    Good luck! be strong and you did the best thing you could for yourself. Be happy! live life!

  • Bella15

    Don't go because they are not THE BOSS OF YOU :) ...

  • discreetslave


    I hope your dad sticks to his word and stands by you.

  • TimothyT

    Thanks everyone.

    The elders called me after my second hearing tonight and told me that I am going to be disfellowshipped for loose conduct. No surprises there of course.

    As I have seven days to appeal I assume this means I will be disfellowshipped on the 25th August.

    Once again, thanks for all your support and reassuring me that it is literaly "a piss in the ocean"! :)

    Timmy xxx

  • punkofnice


    Does that mean there's a 'tight conduct'?? Sounds nice!

    What cobblers!!

  • rebel8

    IMO attending judicial committee meetings reinforces their concept that they have actual authority and beliefs with any validity whatsoever.

    I participated in one due to an abusive parent forcing me to. I was not nervous or hesitant to tell them the truth. I just found it massively annoying to validate their delusions, and so very sad to see how pathetic they were. Such a sad sight.

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