My judicial commitee is tonight at 7pm!

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  • TheOldHippie

    Telling what one thinks and standing up for one's opinions would seem better than cowardly celebrating at home - I still think so, sizemik.

  • blondie

    Not showing up is best, actually not even consenting to go in the first place is better.

    No Pearls Before Swine

    Now it would be good to have a brief, one-page letter to send to all and perhaps run as an ad in the local paper.

  • sizemik

    I used to think that too. But I have a much different perspective now. The thing is . . . you've got to take into account just "who" it is you're "standing up" in front of. These guy aren't the slightest bit interested in "your opinion" . . . they're already programmed to just filter it out.

    I don't see anything "brave" about participating with a group of deluded idiots in their choice of game . . . neither is their anything cowardly about ignoring it. If you still think like that you are still mentally captured IMO, as if these guys are owed something . . . they're not. Going along and acceeding to their wishes is the true sign of weakness . . . because you are still recognising that they are significant in some way.

    If I were on my way to a place of judgement to give my account before an honourable judge . . . would I stop along the way to make my case to the homeless guy living under the bridge? . . . would he even care? . . . of course not. That's what this is comparable to. These are just bottom-tier authorities in a silly little mind-controlling cult that believes in fairy stories and damages people . . . I'd rather give my opinion to the homeless guy under the bridge quite frankly.

    To see it in terms of "bravery" and "cowardice" simply demonstrates a perception of these men they don't deserve. And I don't think Timmy should give them another thought, let alone empower them in their pathetic little minds by turning up. They are not in the slightest way worthy or deserving of it. But that's just my opinioin

  • dm6

    makes you more of a man Timmy my friend to show they have no control over you by not going!! Theoldhippie seems to be trolling you.

    I would take advice from a lot of comments here. I particularaly liked the "Got a flat tire ill be an hour late." Then hit the pub LOL

    Congrats, you finally popped your cherry.

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Just read up again on your previous posts. Your already free. You said youve never been so happy. Good on you.

    Sizemik is right. Who cares what they say or think. Their opinion counts for nothing at all.

    And what about your dad? He had talked about disassociating in the past. Do you think he still might do it?

  • NewChapter

    Yayyy Timmy. Almost over.

    Three silly little men in silly little suits with silly little somber expressions. A silly little hippy that thinks playing with these silly little action figures makes one a man. LOL The whole idea is just ridiculous. Unless you'd like to play with them---preferably with a recording device.

    Whether you go or not is no measure of "manhood" or womanhood---the measure is your motives for your actions. Both decisions can be courageous. You've made yours and now you move on. Don't worry yourself about some random anonymous person making silly little comments.


  • TimothyT

    Hello everyone.

    Of course im more than glad to listen to everyone's opinions on the subject. For those who thing its cowardice or unmanly then im fine in telling you that i have already spoken with one of the elders about the whole subject. He is a good friend and he was VERY respectful. I told him all of my feelings and that i believe the choice to disfellowship me isnt exactly right, but im not going to argue or complain. To make the matter known to two witnesses, I called another elder and simply said to him, I wont change the way that i was born because i shouldnt have to. I also said to him, that because i have spoken with the other elder who i respect, i dont see any reason to go to the commitee. All they would throw at me are scriptures and lines of reasoning that i looked at and dismissed a long time ago. This is the simple reason why im not going. Im not celebrating either, however, i am happy with the fact that i will be free to do as i wish.

    Timmy xxx

  • OnTheWayOut

    Great attitude. Strength to you. Enjoy freedom.

  • sizemik

    Sounds to me like you're fully rigged and your keel is well and truly in the water Timmy.

    Sail on my friend . . . sail on.

  • bigmac

    youve cancelled your membership of that club for misfits----theyve had enough of your time and money---you owe them NOTHING.

    now relax --enjoy life & all it has to offer---take your pick.

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