My judicial commitee is tonight at 7pm!

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    Gotta go with Sizemik on this..Not showing up was good..

    It lets them know how important their not..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • Judicial Committee
    Judicial Committee

    The very term “judicial committee” makes me sick! I can still hear them elders in the congregation I attended say to me, “brother we as a body of elders would like to meet with you after the meeting in the back room”, I asked them and what is this pertaining to, they simply said “we have a few matters to go over with you”. I told the one so called brother, “well until you can inform me what this little meeting is in reference to, then don’t expect me to just come walking into the library like Waltzing Matilda”. A few weeks went by, and I received a letter stating that my attitude was un-submissive and was destructive to peace of the congregation, so I sent them a letter back, with a copy of their letter they sent me and in a very flamboyant way I told them simply to Get Bent and go Pound Sand! This is the major reason I don’t go to meetings any longer, the spirit is too dam pushy.

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