"Every Knee" ??

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  • Perry

    Yes.... he can be killed in the exact same biblical sense that we can be killed. That sense is not the materialist sense of the Watchtower.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Oh he bled alright, plenty. To say God can't bled is to say that God isn't almighty which is a contradiction. He can bleed if he wants to, he is God. And as such, he was worshipped when he was in the flesh and walked among us.

    Then you are sure He can create a rock so heavy that even HE cannot lift it. Wouldn't want a contradiction. When creating Super Duper God, it is still impossible not to have contradictions.

  • designs

    I like a god who can be taken down by Kyptonite...

  • Perry

    Similarly, the statement "God cannot lie" doesn't infer that he isn't all powerful. His nature is truth and light.

    Your thought experiment has God competing with God. How can "the most" compete with "the most". This is an impossibility similar to "God cannot lie"

  • designs

    'His nature is truth and light' prove it, where is the science.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    well, god did lie several times as recorded in the bible...

  • Perry

    The science (literally knowledge) is Jesus. Once God inhabits his true temple, the person instantly knows.

    Know Jesus, Know God

    No Jesus, No God

  • DaCheech

    kind of like how the WT published the revelation book............ everything had a past, present, and future fulfillment.

    the present fulfillment was always to the glory of the WT and it's filthful slavebugger.

    this was one of my first points in servitute that got me the "bullshit" moment going.

  • designs

    Cute Perry. With atoms and their particles real evidence can be presented.

    All your god has to do is show up then the claims can be verified but your Fred Franz, the Apostle Paul, rigged the game real good 'he now dwells in unapproachable light', clever guy that Paul. That was enough to fool gullible people for a couple of thousand years.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The folly of the Christ. I believe Christ would not have so much staying power in our psyches if he were a powerful Roman, or a Zealot who fought the Romans in a military struggle. Christ is very radical, always doing what peope least expect. His death and resurrection is what changed Paul into a Christian. It wasn't his good works. Jesus' teachings were present in other Jewish rabbis. The death and resurrection, a very common motif, for human Gods, is a univeral myth.

    I always thought fool for Christ was silly. The Jesus I projected was very powerful. Sadly, I became ill wth agonizing facial pain and was near death for decades. Suddenly, his death and resurrection gave me the power to stick with the suffering. God as God/Jehovah did nothing for me. Fools for Christ is very powerful from an experiential viewpoint. Jesus suffered horribly. He/God knew just what my suffering was like. Jesus was ever present for me.

    I am Anglican now. NY has many high church and Anglo-Catholic churches. It is funny to attend service with broad church people who do not kneel, but stand, during confession and other parts of the Eucharist. Next to them are other parishioners who remind me of apple bobbers. They curtsy every single time Jesus is mentioned, during the sermon, offertory, eucharist. I love that everyone does what worship appeals to them. I've knelt at Jesus many times but I find it hard, not raised in the faith, to remember to kneel all the time.

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