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  • wasblind

    One last bit on this,

    I have yet to see a worried man layin' in a coffin

    regaurdless of how they got there, they all look at peace

    to me, The only difference is how they lived

  • zoiks

    But this is the only organisation offering the hope.

    A false hope. Millions of people, trudging through an endless cycle of meetings, field service, spending their vacations on conventions, constantly being guilted into doing more, more, MORE for a man-made organization, having to be told that they are the happiest people on earth...all so that they can have a better life - no, not now- later. None of them knowing that this promised better life is nonexistent. IT WILL NEVER COME. IT IS A LIE. To me, that's depressing.

    Contemplating life's temporary nature can be sad, sometimes. But each and every moment is made that much more precious. Do you stop loving your children, mate, or parents because they will die one day? Do you look at a bowl of ice cream and get depressed because it will be gone in a few minutes, if not a few seconds? Do you stop watching a great movie just because it's going to be over in another hour?

  • thetrueone

    They has been successful in crushing people's hope of peace and security by nullifying any importance to improving ones lives and the life of others.

    This life to them is solely indentured to being a subservient working slave to them and the proliferation of their literature.

    This also entails the expansionary growth of the Watchtower Kingdom.

  • thetrueone

    The WTS also sides steps the fact that many Christian based faiths have established doctrines that state if

    a person is good throughout their lives , Jesus will reward them by being in his kingdom or being with god in heaven.

    So how could they say that theirs is the only religion that offers hope ?

    The WTS. is made up of self supporting propaganda which is long and lengthy.

  • MrFreeze

    Wouldn't it be really depressing, to live 70 years for the organization only to find out they were wrong all along and you wasted the time that was given to you?

  • rebel8


    What is very freeing and exciting is to be able to comprehend and accept the truth for what it is, which opens many opportunities to make the most of this "gift" of life.

  • HintOfLime
    Isn't it depressing to believe that this is all there is to life?

    Depressed is exactly what the WTS wants you to feel. Depression leads to dependence.

    That "elder" couldn't have been more wrong and twisted on his outlook upon life. Absolutely not.

    - Lime

  • jwfacts

    But this is the only organisation offering the hope.

    Wow, what a stupid comment. Most people believe in an afterlife/resurrection of some sort. In fact the Christian concept of the soul never dying but going straight to heaven is far more comforting than going into a grave until some future resurrection. I really struggle to understand how ignorant some JWs are.

  • designs

    The Oaks my great great great great grandparents planted when they arrived here in 1748 are now tall and mighty. If you plant today your great great great great grandchildren will know you were here and remember you.

  • Retrovirus

    An elder told me today that philosophers, apostates, free thinkers and many other enemies of the truth alike do not offer any hope for the future. But this is the only organisation offering the hope.

    As others have pointed out, the second sentence is not true. How is telling untruths consistent with the Bible?

    "enemies of the truth" is name calling; ad-hominem. How is that consistent with the Golden Rule in the Bible?

    Hope for the future. The future is in God's hands (if/however you believe in God). If God is our loving father, all we need to do is love, trust and live happily in the present. Where did you lose your faith? When did the elder lose his faith? Have any jws real faith?

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