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  • mankkeli

    Isn't it depressing to believe that this is all there is to life?, An elder told me today that philosophers, apostates, free thinkers and many other enemies of the truth alike do not offer any hope for the future. But this is the only organisation offering the hope.

    What do you think?, The thought of Living for just 70 or 80 yrs and not returning back is very depressing or do some other line of reasonings offer any hope?. I am just curious.

  • wasblind

    Hello there Mankkeli :)

    what's depressing is not enjoying the gift of life now

    it's like being given a gift and refusing to open it

    the bible doesn't speak of havin' hope in an organization

  • wasblind

    If your feelin' depressed after talkin' with that elder

    that's because he's walkin' through this life in a hopeless state

    of mind and he rubbed his mindset off on you. they are a doom and gloom religion

    a black cloud walkin' around with a fake a** smile

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Was said it

    Stop being afraid of dying and what comes afraid that you HAVENT LIVED!

    This is not a dress rehersal. THIS is ALL there is....go out and LIVE your life to the max, everyday.


    But this is the only organisation offering the hope.

    Hope for What?..

    They no longer believe the Generation of 1914 will not pass away..

    Now they have Overlapping Generations..

    The WBT$ New System may not get here for another 2 or 3 million years..

    The only Hope any JW has,is dying..

    So they can Escape the Stupidity of the WBT$..


  • wasblind

    LOL @ Outlaw :))

    that's right Outlaw, people livin' a million years from now

    will be part of the same generation as the ones who saw the events

    of 1914 ;)

    Can you imagine, everybody on the dance floor, doin' every dance from the

    charleston to the the bump. and whatever else is out a million years from now ;)

    as the same generation

  • Hadit

    Welcome to the forum - I see you joined not too long ago!

    What's depressing is living in fear of a God who is going to destroy most of his children if they don't serve him. It's depressing listening to false reasoning and false hope. Everything has cycles - nothing physical lasts forever - it grows, it changes, it dies and the cycle continues. There is and never will be a physical body that lives forever. That is just man's way of trying to cheat death and to console himself.

    When we hope for things in the future and worry about being good enough to live in a distant world then we miss out on our life now.

    Life is now. Live it to the full and make many memories. Live, learn, laugh, love.


  • talesin

    Good post.

    Your Watchtower TM - and Awake TM -like OPs, are giving us a good chance to show any lurking JWs how wrong the WTS is!!!

    Fellow peeps, let's give a good 'witness' on this one.

    Edit to add: In answer to the OP,,, NO!!! What I found depressing was going to 5 meetings a week, being told that all my thoughts were being read by the imaginary God Jehovah, and that Armageddon was coming .... soon .....

    Ever notice how most of the people in the KH are on anti-depressants? Forget Prozac Nation,,,, it's the Prozac Religion.


  • hamsterbait

    You could never have been born.

    Does the rose that blooms to die ruin itself depressing over its own reality? Do the birds sit sulking that they are going to die? NO they get out there and sing their little lungs out whilst they have them.

    You have your very own slice of eternity to do with as you choose. Sing your own song, not the one the Witchtower tries to teach you.

    That is FANTASTIC!

    Every packet of sweets has a last one and then they are gone forever. But they tasted good didnt they?


  • Elgiard

    I'd rather have hope for the present than for a promised future that never arrives. The JWs certainly can't offer you that.

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