CO talked out of both sides of his mouth

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  • Searchn4answrs

    True story,I have a aunt ,that claims her CO says ,there’s possibilities of traveling to space in the “New System”. She’s totally sold on that idea!.Talk about Nucking Futs!!

  • OnTheWayOut

    "Don't worry about retirement. Sell magazines for us and Jehovah will remember you."

    "You should have calculated the costs of not planning for retirement. Nobody promised you wouldn't get sick or old."

    "Keep you 'eye simple' so that you can spend less time at work and get out and sell more magazines."

    "College leads to immoral partying, then to focus on worldly careers. Don't go to college. Don't send your kids to college."

    "Have insurance and drive a safe, well-maintained car. Do not become a burden to the brothers nor put them at risk."

    "Have as little to do with 'worldly family.'"

    "Older ones, hit your non-JW family up for assistance if you don't get enough government assistance."

    They always speak out of both sides of their mouth.

  • punkofnice

    This CO 'evidently' wants everyone to live in his own personal fantasy world. 'It is logical to conclude' he wants them to live their lives thru' his dreaming.

    What an arrogant man this is. Mind you, I RARELY met a nice CO. Most of the ones I met when in elders' meetings with them were arrogant overbearing bullies that liked the sound of their own sneering.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Of course the Jw problem would be that if I die tomorrow, I may get resurrected but would never get to have children. From his story, I may live to be very old, but without having generations of children to "celebrate" (whatever that was supposed to mean) nobody will probably ever give me a pie.

    But guess what? Right now, I could go out and get a pie, and KFC, because we won't get fried chicken in 'paradise.' And I can celebrate my own birthday in a couple of months, or celebrate anything else this weekend. We all know that JWs have nothing to celebrate, because even little kids celebrating a b'day or old couples celebrating their anniversary is idolatry--and that will get you a rock to the head when the big A starts.

    Fantasizing about something in the distant future is like eating a meal in a dream... you're still hungry when you wake up. Now that I've decided to wake up, I acknowledge that there are plenty of grim realities, but there's plenty of 'pie' and other things to enjoy in the real world.

  • VM44

    I wonder why the CO picked specifically 4,752 years?

    And after 4,752 years of eating pies, I really don't think I would have much anticipation in having another one!

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