CO talked out of both sides of his mouth

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Today was the last day of the CO's visit, my husband stayed home from the meeting and we painted the house together which was good, but he wanted to tie into the meeting, I was OK with it as it allows me to point out the stupid parts of this religion. There were many things that made no sense but one that truly stuck out.

    In his talk the CO went on about how there are so many things Satan uses to distract us from Jehovah and one of them was fear of our future and how some work all their lives for retirement, many at jobs they hate. People do not enjoy the here and now all out of fear for what will happen when they grow old. He than went on about how as JW's we are so much better than that. We know that Jehovah has promised us a paradise that will be here any day soon. He then went on about us picturing ourselves there to make it more real for us. He said think about when you are 4,572 years old and going to the celebration of your great, great, great, great, great, great great, great, grandchild (I kid you not he truly said that) and you walk into this community hall that we all own and there are a couple of pies waiting for you from one of the loving friends. I know it was a stupid illustration. It truly made no sense and I was wondering about who might be at the meeting for the fist time and what they would think as it. It sounded so cult like to me now listening in.

    OK so then his last talk of the meeting he said even as Jehovah's servants we too have to face the fact that in this rotten system of Satan's we will have loved ones die and we will have the pain due to that. And then too some of us will grow old and have to think about retirement. OK so what about the public talk where he said we did not have to worry about any of that and it was only Satan trying to distract us. Did he forget that part in his public talk? Did the audience forget it? I quickly pointed out the double talk to my husband who totally had to agree that he made no sense.

    Listening made it so clear to me that this is clearly a fear inducing cult. It totally tied into all of Terry's recent posts.How can any one truly feel happy listening to such double talk. I was left feeling totally wiped out. My husband even said that he felt so drained today. He thought it was all the painting we have been doing, but he said it was strange that he felt so tired today when all the other days he felt fine. I said it was the talk it was so hard to follow it mentally without feeling wiped. He never said anything more. I know he had to agree.

    I truly do not see how anyone could sit through that and not come away wondering what they just heard.



  • flipper

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- Good thread. Thanks for sharing. The point the speaker said, " there are so many things that Satan uses to distract us from Jehovah , and one of them was fear of our future ". Funny he should say Satan uses FEAR as a technique to trap people - the WT society uses FEAR as well by frightening people about Armageddon and being destroyed by an alleged " loving God " if people don't follow the WT society as God's appointed spokesmen. How ironic. Peace out, Mr. Flipper



    When I`m 4,572 years old in WatchTower World..

    I get a Pie?.....An Effing Pie?..


    The New system will be here soon

    So I don`t have to plan retirement..But..

    I should think about retirement..

    God I`m happy to be away from those WatchTards..


  • dozy

    Trying to do the maths here........

    20 billion resurrected plus maybe about 7 million JWs - 7 billion (99.9% of the earths population) having been annihilated at Armageddon.

    All survivors continuing to have children until at least another 8 generations on.

    Nobody dying (other than a cull at the final test.) I make that about 10 trillion people , assuming that every couple are limited to 2 children.

    Exactly where are all these people going to live (and all have luxury lake side mansion properties with huge gardens as per Watchtower publications). Using the society figures from the insight book , that makes about 150 square foot for each person on the earths surface.

    Or maybe there is going to be some bizarre "two class" system ( seems to be something of a recurring theme in JW theology) where surviving JWs (and apparently their children) can have children while resurrected ones can't.

  • Glander

    Dozy - It's all covered. Stalin and Mao will be resurrected to help get things organized. The Great Sterilization program will be touchy but will have to be done.

  • Gayle

    thx dozy,,for the numbers and square ft access per person projections.

    I thought they use to say possibly or probably ones won't be 'procreating,' after Armageddon. What with being busy with all the resurrected one and all (well, at least the resurrected would all be potty trained I guess).

  • cptkirk

    the cognitive dissonance will hit the fan eventually. i gotta figure there is going to be a massive exodus out of that religion soonish. i doubt it will be a complete crumbling of the know what it will be? it will end up being a religion for people over 65+. all the congs will just be that, with a few scattered younger people from time to time. you will just walk into any random cong, and just all be 65+.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    LITS - I know you were frustrated listening to that talk. I know I was just reading about it...LOL

    The crazy thing about being a witness is that you can't work for nice things now. Can't rejoice and celebrate the beauty of life as it is in "this system".

    But all of their dreams of the New System are about the things they could have NOW, if only they weren't in a cult.

    It's so weird.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I totally agree you cult classic. The funny thing to was the way he talked about celebrating the birth of the great, great, great grand kid was like it was a birthday party. It was all so way out there. If only they could just enjoy life now instead of waiting for death to get them into their paradise.


  • jwfacts

    4,572 years old and going to the celebration of your great, great, great, great, great, great great, great, grandchild

    As Dozy pointed out, that is not going to happen. Child bearing will cease. So much of what they say are warm and fuzzy concepts to make people want to live on earth forever, but without any logical backing. Like photos of the new system with luxurious mansions, but no roads, cars or powerlines. How exactly do they expect people to have modern looking houses without any other infrastructure.

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