CO talked out of both sides of his mouth

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  • GLTirebiter

    What Dozy said!

    Maybe that's the reason for Matthew 23 saying there is no marriage after the resurrection. No marriage, therefore procreation = fornication, therefore you're immediately annihilated, therefore no population growth. The elder didn't cite those verses--imagine that!

    the celebration of your great, great, great, great, great, great great, great, grandchild

    Creature worship? Wait, does this mean kids can have birthday parties in The New System?

  • cult classic
    cult classic
    The funny thing to was the way he talked about celebrating the birth of the great, great, great grand kid was like it was a birthday party.

    Yeah I was thinking about that too. It's kind of like how they criticize people in mcmansions for working so hard in this system. But of course in the new system, after the owner has been destroyed, "That will be my house!"

    So we can't celebrate birthdays and life now, but in the new system, thousands of years from now, it will be a-okay. Whatever.

    Yes GLTirebiter - Evidently in the new system kids can celebrate their B-days... ROFL.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    How anybody who has been "In the Truth" for any length of time can suffer out this sort of crap in silence is beyond me!

    The WTS has been preaching this line almost forever, leaving generations of Witlesses unprepared for old age and retirement.

    Twenty years ago, I can recall a public speaker assuring us that, to quote "Armegeddon is no longer just around the corner - we are, in fact, now looking down the home straight."

    If that is mean to be a short "home straight", I would sure as hell hate to see their idea of a long one!.


  • moshe

    The older JWs had gone brain dead by the 2nd part of the CO's lecture.

  • blondie

    Resurrected humans on earth = no marriage, sex or children

    Survivors of Armaggeddon = marriage, sex, children (only till earth "filled")

  • designs

    Describe filled.

  • blondie

    Imagine a glass filled with water, not overflowing (WTS explanation)

    It was said by the WTS that God would perhaps prevent women from getting pregnant like he did Rachel in the Bible.

  • designs

    The Society was always floating these nebulus quantities in regard to what would happen or not happen in the New World. Drink Life's Water Freely and never get pregnant again. I had a young wife chew me out royally years ago for suggesting the end to pregnancy.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    It would be a very brave person indeed who attempted to put a limit on what the term "filled" could realistically mean:

    - something to do much to do with the matter of sustainability.

    Then again, even if that were correctly allowed for, there is still another sustainabilty issue - one that completely torpedoes the idea of "Everlasting Life." How there ever be such a thing, when in 5 billion years time, the sun runs out of nuclear fuel.

    Let's see if that bright boy of a Circuit Overseer answer that one!


  • SouthCentral

    Great POST!!

    I love it when individuals post topics like this. Sometimes I sit in the hall and wonder if I am the only intelligent one there. I have discovered that The typical J-Dub has NO reasoning ability. I think many really believe that the END is coming tomorrow; So I gotta pioneer ASAP.......When they reach their 60's and 70's with diabeties and HBP, some realize that the dream will be unfulfilled. They become inactive, smoke and do the things they saw their NOW retired peers doing at 20 while in college. I know a pioneer, (Presiding overseer) elder that became inactive the last 4 years of his life. His daughter told me AFTER his death that he was so disapointed that he was going to die in this system, he started smoking and drinking and gambling and.......... The life of an elderly Jay Dub is truly miserable and unfullfilled!!!

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