CO talked out of both sides of his mouth

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  • blondie

    *** rs p. 116 Earth ***

    If no one is ever going to die in God’s New Order, how will all the people fit on earth?Keep in mind that when God expressed his purpose for the earth he said: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth.” (Gen. 1:28) God gave man the ability to procreate, and when His purpose in that regard is fulfilled He can cause procreation to cease on earth.

    *** g88 4/8 p. 27 Abortion—The Answer to Overpopulation? ***Some 6,000 years ago, Jehovah God articulated his purpose concerning the population of the planet Earth. Jehovah declared to the first human couple: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it.” (Genesis 1:28) Note that God’s stated purpose is to fill, not overpopulate, the earth. The Creator will achieve world population equilibrium—maintain reasonable population density, ecological balance, and adequate food production.—Isaiah 65:17-25.

    It is reasonable to conclude that the Creator of human reproductive power will himself justly regulate its use to attain this perfect balance. There will be no need for abortions to limit population growth. Jehovah through the Kingdom of his Son, Christ Jesus, will ensure that the earth is comfortably filled with obedient mankind living in a global paradise.—Isaiah 55:8-11; Revelation 21:1-5.

  • designs

    'Preserving our precious bodily fluids' Dr. Strangelove

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    picturing ourselves there
    = imagine = imaginary = dreams = why dont they wake up?
  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    People do not enjoy the here and now all out of fear for what will happen when they grow old. He than went on about how as JW's we are so much better than that.

    Pardon? I see people everywhere enjoying the here and now! And that's while 'worrying' about the future...

    Its the JWs that can't live in the here and now. They plod along on the treadmill of millenial promise, flogging the life out of themselves for a publishing company...AND dont bother with retirement until they realize that its already upon them.

    Their whole freakin' life is about living for the future, not now.

    What a great c/o to be able to help convince people the religion is nuts!

  • dozy

    Slightly off topic , but this whole "are there going to be any children / marriages in the new system" is a mess for the society. As usual , they seem to ignore or fudge the relevant scripture (Luke 20:35) which speaks about no marriage and allow COs etc to have this idle speculation about future generations of children. They even have started a kind of vague promise that even abortions & miscarriages are going to be resurrected.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    ...and allow COs etc to have this idle speculation

    I actualy believe this is the real purpose of circuit overseers.

    Through them the society can and does say some truly crazy stuff that fires up the JWs idling brains, while being able to claim ''we never said that''.


  • jookbeard

    a complete and utter fantasy and a dangerous and dishonest one at that, have estimations of the past number of deceased throughout the ages been estimated at even more then 20 billion? there was a thread on this some time back, and how they speculate that our crap bodies are even meant to last 1000 years let alone 5000 years is pure madness.

  • St George of England
    St George of England


    When I`m 4,572 years old in WatchTower World..

    I get a Pie?.....An Effing Pie?..

    And you know what OUTLAW?

    It will be a VEGETARIAN Effing Pie!


  • Pistoff
    OK so then his last talk of the meeting he said even as Jehovah's servants we too have to face the fact that in this rotten system of Satan's we will have loved ones die and we will have the pain due to that. And then too some of us will grow old and have to think about retirement. OK so what about the public talk where he said we did not have to worry about any of that and it was only Satan trying to distract us. Did he forget that part in his public talk? Did the audience forget it?

    Maybe they have been doing it longer, but I noticed this 2 track policy about important matters, starting with the QFR on working in churches in the 90's, followed by another one on voting.

    When I read both I concluded that in each case it was a conscience matter, that no one had anything to say about it.

    Someone who worked for me concluded we could not give bids on work in churches, even when asked (contract, not employment) and complained to her elders, who complained to my elders. My elders asked to talk to me about it; I said I was not prepared to talk about it at the moment (I wanted to reread the QFR). Over the next year, I brought it up to the elders 3 times; one elder finally shrugged his shoulders and said, "It is a conscience matter anyway.".

    But I know that is not how the Society views it; if you take regular work in churches, you will be called into the back room.

    I think the 2 track is intentional in most cases; that way they can later highlight whichever track they want.

    20 years from now that CO could bring out his notes and highlight the talk where he said we have to plan for retirement; the fellowship will remember the very warm feelings they got from the talk about the new system right around the corner; they will have internalized the part about the futility of this life and saving for retirement.

    I think it is why so many witnesses are mentally ill with depression and BPD; they listen so intently and take the information seriously. They are unable to process it when a double message is given. They can't really even bring it up in conversation, they feel like they are questioning God.

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    I think you are right on. What was really infuriating was in his talk on Tuesday night he mentioned by name some of the older elders in the circuit who have brown nosed their way up the ranks. These elder have never pioneered or done anything expect try to have assembly parts again by brown nosing there way there. They all have nice homes, etc all worked full time jobs had children, etc. They set aside money for their old age. I just do not get it because these same elders will dog the younger ones to do more and more and more. They didn't when they were young and the system was so very, very, very close. 1975 was coming and this one elder in the hall was spiting out kids with his wife yet here the CO is up there bragging about how they gave their lives for Jehovah.

    Then the CO tried to guilt the younger ones into becoming MS's. Is he smoking crack before his talks. Anyone with half a brain can see through the hypocrisy in this. That is why in my husbands's hall there are only two MS's. One is the PO's SIL in his mid 30's and WILL NEVER BE AN ELDER because I know he see all the crap that is going on. The other MS is in his early 70's and God help the congregation if he ever becomes an elder. He is truly a suck up man if there was one and would be a Nazi elder for sure. That is it in a congregation of 80 publishers.

    Of the elders there are eight now. Two are over 85 years old. There are three in their late 50's all with very good retirement's set aside then there are two are in their late 40's. One of these is the PO's COBE's other SIL and the other one is a thrid generation JW both sides of his family have been elders and this guy cannot read to save his life. As we all know school was not that important back then, also both sides of this guys family have tons of money set aside for their retirement. The last elder in the hall is in his early 30 and the PO COBE's son. Talk about a brown noiser company man this guy is one. Like I said all have money set aside for their retirement in some from. The COBE's late 40 year old SIL has a dad who is loaded and will leave him enough to get by on very well. By the way this dad also has been in the "truth" his whole life and still saved for old age. When the market crashed in 2008 this guy lost over 100,000. and did not seem to really blink an eye as he was telling everyone about it.

    It is just amazing how there is such hypocrisy going on and such crazy talk and yet everyone is still eating it up. Like there are two older sisters who are in thier late 80's trying to pioneer even though their heath is horrible one broke her foot out in service and the car group let her drive home alone it just goes on and on. The youngest elder and his wife both pioneer and brag about it all the time. Yet they both have very good part time jobs with retirement plans. They have been at their job's for 10 plus years and even bought a house. Granted they could work even more but they are ridding high on the praise of the hall and the circuit and being looked up to as little god's in the religion. It would be hard for them to give that up.

    OK enough about my ranting it is all just so crazy and hurtful what they are doing to people's lives by placing all this guilt on them. This talking out fo both sides of their mouths is disgusting.

    Bondie I too heard the fact that Jehovah will close the womb of women in the new system like he did with Rachael in the Bible, when I was a teenager. I was told to not worry that Jehovah would make us all happy with what ever his plans were. Even if they seemed far out to us now Jehovah knows what he is doing.

    It is all just so very crazy, if only people would just wake up to it.


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