The Convention Pretty Much Sucked

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  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    @ steve2 - Perhaps the convention wasn't as dumbed down as you think, but that it's you who has moved on to more developmentally and intellectually appropriate ways of thinking. Probably. Although I hate to elevate myself to a position where I say that my thinking is superior to the rest of the group. But in this case, yeah, it is ;)

    @ Outlaw - Exactly. The speaker ran off all of the previous misunderstandings about the dream, then said, rather unconvincingly, "But we can be sure about this." I thought, "Why can we be sure? Where's the evidence? You just said that what we thought before was wrong. So how are we suddenly correct now?"

    @ Shamus - I liked them when I was kid. This modern day stuff creeps me out now.

    Welcome Toscalive!

  • minimus

    Since when do the angels decide judicial meetings.


  • dontplaceliterature

    I think it is interesting that you heard the same comment I did at the District Convention regarding the angels and Judicial Committees. Did anyone else here that comment made? Why the hell would they include something like that in a District Convention Outline?

    That statement was clearly a lie. I've bounced it off of several Active JWs and most of them thought that statement was kinda "iffy".

  • cedars

    I have my own thread on the latest incarnation of the Anglo-American World Power that was put forward in the final talk of the convention. Among other things, Britain and American are beset by "independence movements". I'll admit, I've completely missed that one, unless Texas is now threatening to separate?!

    This was my first year not attending, but I managed to get hold of an mp3 recording of the final talk. It struck me that the most ludicrous things can sound plausible when spoken with stirring resolve by a sage old bethel representative with a booming voice down a convention PA.

    I've transcribed a key point that was made about the AAWP which you can read here:

    Let me know your thoughts. I'm anxious to know whether it's just me who things the governing body are losing their grip on reality!

  • designs

    The last District Convention I attended was in San Diego and at the end of the Sunday program the audience began doing the Wave, it was the one fun and happy thing from the whole event.

  • dinah

    So the angels decide guilt before a committee is formed? Sounds like elders are getting tired of lawsuits and asked Mom for some extra CYA measures.

  • MrFreeze

    I see I didn't miss anything this year. Isn't it considered "adding to the Bible" to have those dramas? They add all kinds of stuff that clearly never happened. As regards last years, weren't the Bible characters reporting their time to the elders or something? So bizarre.

  • i_drank_the_wine

    They really seem to make the dramas tug at the ol' heart strings of their brainwashed masses lately. My mom was practically crying telling me about some prodigal child bullshit drama they had 1-2 years ago at the end of which lots of people were crying apparently (probably hoping that their family/friends that woke up and smelled the coffee can somehow brainwash themselves back into the cult again).

    Pretty much every single convention could be skipped and simply summed up by sending everyone a postcard saying "be good and keep being a repressed JW". They really don't give any sort of useful information or news to their sheeple there.

  • ziddina
    "...I'm anxious to know whether it's just me who thinks the governing body are losing their grip on reality!..."

    Cedars, I hate to state the obvious, but....

    The Gov.Bod lost its grip on reality a LOOOOOONG time ago...

    In fact, I'd say the Watchtower boys never had a good grip on it, in the first place... "Miracle" wheat?? "Modern conveniences" being a sign that "Armageddon" was near????

    Russell was cracked and things have gone downhill since his time...


  • factfinder

    Welcome ToscaLive!

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