Is There ANY Religion That You Would Feel Comfortable Being A Member Of?

by minimus 61 Replies latest jw friends

  • factfinder

    I don't feel I'd be comfortable in any religion anymore. Yes- I'm soured on religion and find myself more and more saying we need freedom from religion.

  • cyberguy

    no... not at all

  • flipper

    KUDRA- I'm Satan. I agree with your theology ! Wanna ride with wifey and me in our Devil Cadillac ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • sizemik

    Atheistic Satanism? . . . wot, like you worship Satan but don't think he's God . . . how does that work?

  • Finally-Free

    << Fundamentalist Roccoist.


  • Kudra

    "Satan" is the representation of man's desires and all that is of the earth. NOT a being to be worshipped...

    "Satanists" (in Atheistic or "Laveyan" Satanism at least) believe in no supernatural entity. Look it up on like, wikipedia or go back a page and read the blurb I posted about it -I put down all the tenents etc of that type of Satanism... I dig it. It is the most proactive sensible collection of beliefs I have run across...

  • sizemik

    Yes . . . I like it. And I see you are honouring principle No.1. I dished out a good dose of No.4 just the other day.

    Much better than Satanic Atheism too.

  • AGuest

    What, the worship of dudes?? Good gawd, dear Poopsie (peace to you!)... WHY??? And here I thought you wuz loyal to the sistah-hood! Umph-umph-umph. No, girl, you really oughta think about worshippin' sumthin' else. Dudes got enough of us worshippin' 'em already...

    Peace, chile!

    SA, on her own... dippin' her hand in dear Poops' p-corn box...

  • agonus

    The thing about "Atheistic Satanism" is, if you want to get rid of superstition and false notions, why invoke the name of "Satan" in the first place, any more than "God", "Jesus", "Jehovah", "Christ", etc.? I mean, why attach yourself to that mode of thinking if there's no supernatural being(s) and the Bible is bunk? Just call yourselves "atheists" and be done with it. And I'm sorry, but the Baphomet sigil still looks, I dunno, creepy, even if it don't mean nuthin'. Why not a nice smiley face or something instead of the whole angry-goat-in-a-circle thing? Actually, smiley faces can be a little creepy too... OK, then, how about The Atheistic Church of Humanity, with a little stick person. There you go. And I'm still not big into vengeance. Justice, sure. Vengeance? No, not really. Still has a bit of a taste of barbarism, IMHO, which they claim to be against. And doesn't the whole philosophy smack of "solipsism"? You know, the whole self-interest/Objectivist... er...

    ...yeah, you're right, just start the First Church of Agonus and call it a day. I need to take my meds and get some sleep.

  • PSacramento
    Well. You *are* one of them.
    You are just another person that someone else likely does not want to lower themself to deal with...


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