Is There ANY Religion That You Would Feel Comfortable Being A Member Of?

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  • designs


    I liked the Sojourner Magazine. Anyone one been to a Bahai Temple.......I like a leader who goes by Bab

  • Kudra

    damu. you made me look up solipsism!

    yeah yeah, NewChapter... its all about you isn't it.. ;-P

  • PSacramento

    One of the biggest probelms I have with organized religion is that it is made up of people and I don't like people.

    Sure women are nice to look at and do naughty things to and some men are need to do the work of manual labour and be the peons of society, I just don't see why I have to lower myself to deal with them.

  • Kudra


    Well. You *are* one of them.

    You are just another person that someone else likely does not want to lower themself to deal with...

  • wearewatchingyouman

    @designs-The Bahai faith is really interesting...I've been to their temples, and have read parts of their holy book... can't think of what it's a called right now... a lot of the apocalyptic fundy types are convinced it will be the one world religion implemented by the one world government...

  • designs


    Suddenly I have this urge to join a group that wants to take over the WORLD! Power I tell you Power!!!

  • NewChapter

    yeah yeah, NewChapter... its all about you isn't it.. ;-P

    Well of course. What else is there? Silly question.

  • minimus

    I don't ever want to belong to any religion.

  • TotallyADD

    Oh my god. I have been on this forum to long. When I read the title of this thread the first thing that came to my mind was exactly what Outlaw brought out. I feel so dirty. I am beginning to think like Outlaw. LOL Totally ADD

  • Kensho

    I have been focused on the beliefs of the founder fathers Paine,Jefferson,Washington, Franklin and many famous people past and present,

    1) no holy books

    2) no prophets

    3) no organizsed religion

    4) no preistcraft

    Deism= " Where belief in God is united with our God given reason" Check it out it really makes since


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