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  • Quendi

    I never gave a Public Talk because I was never appointed an elder or ministerial servant. The ironic thing about this was regardless of the congregation in which I served, I was by far and away the best speaker they would have. I could run circles around any of the others. In fact, I had TMS overseers approach me for advice! I also remember helping a young ministerial servant put together his very first public talk. I know the irony of my situation was not lost on the elders, but none ever really wanted to recommend me, and I was content with the status quo. I was simply not a "company man", so I was never going to be recommended and appointed. Reading the experiences in this thread, I see how lucky I was.


  • wannabefree
    I was by far and away the best speaker they would have. I could run circles around any of the others.

    Perhaps a lack of humility was what held you back

  • ABibleStudent

    Markkeli - . . . Well, I have to deliver the poison on sunday, "Are you marked for survival", Lets see if I survive the 30mins.

    Welcome mankkeli and good-luck with dispensing the poison. I have always wondered what would happen if instead of JWs spreading dome, gloom, and fear, they spread love, joy, and hope? Is their anyway to cover the topics in your talk to inspire JWs to unconditionally love, feel joy in their lives, and have hope while living in the current system? I think it would be hilarious if you didn't say anything against the WTBTS but did not use the Org's lines, and the elders hauled you off the stage. It would only prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the WTBTS does not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Quendi


    LOL at your remark! Thanks a lot. I'm sure my "lack of humility" was a major reason I never progressed in the organization. But while they didn't want to appoint me as a servant, they were only too happy to let me pioneer. I used to think that it was funny how I was good enough to be the one and not the other when supposedly it was the same holy spirit being used to make the recommendations and appointments.

    Another thing that I used to ponder over was how, after decades of TMS training, so many men were such rotten speakers. We've all endured boring, dull, and colorless talks from the platform. But it never ceased to amaze me that in all the years I was in the organization, I never saw much progress overall by men who had the privilege of giving a public talk or handle other parts on the platform. Like I said, looking back on it, I'm glad that all I ever did was Bible readings and last student talks (first #5 and later #4). I never had to mix and then serve the Kool-Aid, and for that I'll always be grateful.


  • Gorbatchov

    15 years ago I did public talks also when I was reading Raymond Franz ((: I tried to merge the Ray & WTS information. Difficult job, and I didn't like it at all.

    One time I had writers block. A few years earlyer I got a box with cassettes / recordings of talks from a Gilead elder. I made a transcript of a very nice public talk and nobody mentioned I just made a copy of someone elses public talk. I even got many compliments... What a joke!

  • shepherd

    @mankkeli I don't believe a word of what you have posted, but at least you got the conversation going. I always wonder why someone would get on a platform to represent the Org when the clearly do not believe a word. Giving talks are optional so I see no justification for it at all, sorry to those of you who do it.

  • Rydor

    I always wonder why someone would get on a platform to represent the Org when the clearly do not believe a word.

    Really? You really have to ask such a question? Of course giving talks is optional, but clearly mankkell became an elder/servant and started giving public talks before learning "the truth about the Truth." To suddenly stop now would raise a lot of eyebrows; this is the kind of scrutiny that leads to the loss of one's family members, friends, and entire social support system. There is no honorable way out of the Watchtower. I was fortunate; when my Watchtower ties were severed I came away relatively unscathed. Most are not so lucky.

    Mankkell, it's been seven years since I last gave a public talk, but I seem to remember there were about 150 outlines and I was able to choose the one I wished to speak on. Would it be possible to grab a different outline and speak on a subject less-offensive to your conscience? I can't remember any of them but surely there must be some themes like "How to have a happy family life" or "Treat people kindly like Jesus did." Something like that?

  • thetrueone

    Then again, thetrueone, sometimes the public talk Coordinator is too lazy and waits till the last horn blows, so he calls Mr. Falcon up to do a last minute fill in. Maybe Mr. Falcon protests at first, but the coordinator reminds him of that favor he did for him and that time he stood up to the rest of the elder body on Mr. Falcon's behalf. And maybe, just maybe, Mr. Falcon decides to do the talk as a courtesy to someone who despite themselves being trapped in this religion, has always shown him kindness.

    Point taken Mr. Falcon, but you have to admit the suspicion, when makes comments as he did in his openly comment.

    Do people know really know what personal integrity is........good grief

  • NVR2L8

    I was giving the talk You can feel secure in an unsafe world...and I was looking for more recent data on the increase of earthquakes and other calamities since 1914 I could use in my public talk...that's when I found out the truth about the "truth". I was scheduled to give the talk in a few weeks but I just couldn't go through with it. I asked an elder to go in my place...that I was feeling run down with all the business travel and the congregational duties...he bought it. A few months later I resigned as a MS and started fading.

  • TotallyADD

    I must have given that talk 100 times when I was a elder. The last talk I gave was about 6 months before I left. Already knowing the truth about the truth I had a hard time getting through it. So I focus on love and understanding. The outline lean towards that so thats what I went with. Totally ADD

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