My public talk on sunday

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  • man in black
    man in black

    My question is, why do you do this ?

    If you believe what the wt states then fine, otherwise get a brass pair and screw 'em on tight and start to be honest with yourself.

    Hypocracy at it's finest !!

  • punkofnice

    It's all in the delivery.

    The last PT I gave was 'Resisting the Spirit of the World'. My script was a 45min version. I cropped it to 30mins and spoke more about Christian love being superior.

    This was before I woke up and oddly enough an aposta-friend said: 'I knew you were on your way out, you were talking about love rather than control!'

    I DO NOT envy you having to waffle GB WTB$ out of context scriptures and screwy doctrine.

    I hope you can get the hell out of that cancerous cult ASAP!!

    Here's hoping - Uncle Punk!

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    I always feel like somebody's watching me.

    Well, that's my last talk anyway. I'm done giving those stupid things. I was only doing a favor for someone I owed.

  • mankkeli

    I plan to include this thought, " How loving it is that the faithful and discreet has secretly revealed the eligibility for survival, even when Jehovah is quite about the matter, what a loving attitude reflected by the governing body". I am one of those most respected and eloquent speakers in this circuit, I hope fellow elders wont detect that i have been loging in here.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon
    My question is, why do you do this ?

    A fair question, Man in Black. Unfortanetly, some of us are in situations that don't always afford us the luxery of standing up for our principles. At least not at the moment. But one day soon I hope to be able to, wish me luck!

  • cptkirk

    i am one of those most respected quite loging speakers too!!! :P

  • mankkeli

    Man in Black, most of us are presently stuck in for selfish reasons, I have drawn out a schedule for my exit and I am actively working towards it, It has not been easy since detecting that this is another scam, but I felt that this JW experience is part of those hurdles in life we have to face. I will continue to deliver the party-line in my own way until I finally get through, I have another talk coming up at the special assembly in few weeks. Fortunately, I am heading towards a big show down with the WT, my plans are intact and my implementation strategies have been designed by some intelligent experts. But at the moment, I need to let the sun keep shining, I dont want to exit alone, I plan to take thousands along with me, this organisation is not wiser than any other cult arround, We need to unbundle her deceit carefully and with caution. Take care. I will be here for more.

  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    Just point out some of what they already believe in such a way that it will make them think how silly it is. I like that suggestion.


  • Quendi

    I feel for men like mankkeli, Mr. Falcon and others in their position. I visited a friend Sunday who is now disfellowshipped like myself. Unlike me, he is working toward reinstatement. We got into a deep discussion about the validity of the WTS and to my surprise, he defended the organization despite acknowledging its many mistakes. My point is that for those on the inside, even people of high intelligence like my friend, it can be very difficult to take the blinders off, stop drinking the Kool-aid, and "grow a pair". I had to remember how my own spiritual journey began, how much ground I have covered, and the many challenges I have faced along the way.

    Once we're out, or on our way out, we can forget how difficult leaving this cult can be. As I listened to my friend Mark spew the WTS line on the different issues and questions we discussed, I got to better understand how cult mind control works. Free will is squashed. The power of reason has no effect. The Public Talk is one of the tools of mind control the cult uses on the rank and file. Some may have 'zoned out' during Mr. Falcon's talk, while others may have lapped up every word, convinced that they receiving proper spiritual food.

    I'm glad that Mr. Falcon has decided this was his last Public Talk. You're one step closer to declaring your independence, my friend. I wish you well on your ongoing journey out of darkness.


  • SweetBabyCheezits
    My question is, why do you do this?

    MIB, some might need to go for the slow, strategic exit as opposed to what I did: Stepped down, quit field service, dropped the bookstudy, all too quickly. My wife and I argued for four years about WT doctrine and policy. That was rough going. Had I been a bit more slow and subtle, we might've been able to fade together in two years and avoid being DF'd for apostasy. Plus, I was lucky that my wife wasn't the type to leave my arse over it.

    Just know that circumstances vary and the situation may be far more complicated for one person than another. For some, the fade just cannot be rushed.

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