Being A Jehovah's Witness is Simply A Waste Of Time!!!

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Was just thinking this Sunday, looking around at everyone at the kingdom hall. How many hours per week, year after year wasted! Just think of ONE meeting: when it's all said and done, between underlining, getting ready before the meeting, travel time, the meeting itself --- it's got to be at least 4+ hrs EACH MEETING WASTED. So a full 8 hour day a week is wasted in just that. Then keep adding on the rest....

  • daringhart13

    Every time I listen to the song "Innocent" by Fuel........I think of how much time I wasted as a JW.

    And then I need to hit the gym.......or go to jail......from the anger I get.

    If you're a lurker..............get out NOW!

  • garyneal

    Weak makes more sense if someone is looking to church or a group for their moral compass, I guess. I was looking at more the social aspect of it, this is what my wife appreciates about her KH activities that I was saying can be found in any church and/or secular group.

  • cskyjw.sun

    i need church

  • minimus

    Interesting comment, "I need church". I think some people feel that unless they go to church, they will become bad people.

    Regarding the social aspect of the JWs, they do keep you busy but I think anyone could join a social club and feel more complete!

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