Being A Jehovah's Witness is Simply A Waste Of Time!!!

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  • minimus

    Parroting answers and reading word for word a comment is an insult to anyone's intelligence. Talk about being dumbed down....

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    Alot of time wasted , that's for sure.

    I remember when I was moving , at that time they gave you your cards to bring to your next hall. I looked at them sadly. Noticing my Baptism date , all the hours I put in pre 1975, when I should have been attending middle school. All the hours I put in while having a small flock of kids and how hard that was, but it was never good enough according to the service elder.

    It's so nice to be off that treadmill..YAH...But for some silly reason my mind still thinks as a kid, and Tuesday and Thursdays are still the bad days of the week. Even after over a decade of not attending meetings.

    [on a super cool side note. I tore up those cards that night. I dont exist on paper in the Wathctower World]

  • Nickolas

    and Tuesday and Thursdays are still the bad days of the week. Even after over a decade of not attending meetings.

    Good news. Tuesdays were cancelled a couple of years ago. Now only Thursdays are bad.

  • minimus

    Personally, I loved watching the Pioneer Shuffle. Pioneers knew how to take their time doing this "life saving" work. If they could've crawled, they would've!

  • WTWizard

    I remember when I was a witless--the boasting sessions alone wasted so much time. For a Sunday boasting session, I would have to waste time getting dressed up, and then the time to get to and from the Kingdumb Hell (not to mention the gas). Usually, it would waste something like 3 hours while there, and another 1/2-3/4 hour on the way there and back. And that was just one boasting session. I could easily waste 8 hours a week just on boasting sessions.

    Then there is field circus. Before becoming a witless, my freest time during the week was during the middle of the week. Work was busiest during the weekends, so Saturday and Sunday were packed. That meant shorter hours during the middle of the week, when I could do other things. Once I became a witless, they took all that time away. The rule is that if a block of free time included a 9 AM or 1 PM, I had to do field circus that day--or that block. For a lousy 25 hours a month average, that took away everything in the middle. What was left were the crumbs before field circus in the morning, and those weekends that were too packed before.

    What did I accomplish for that? Working the same streets repeatedly, knocking on the same doors, and getting the same people to accept the rags. Never once did I successfully reduce what was left for the next person to do. Never once did I show anyone how to do anything worthwhile--and I define "worthwhile" as producing or creating value, helping to preserve value for a person, or that generates entertainment for someone. The whole exercise accomplished precisely nothing, and it took all the time I had available to relax or enjoy things.

    I definitely do not recommend it.

  • minimus

    Wiz, you got it!!!

    Not only time but $$$ waster!

  • punkofnice

    A waste of time? Yes.

    It's a waste of so much. Earth's natural resourses IE printing the literal-trash, driving it to where ever, driving out in failed circus.

    A waste of life for victims of the filthful saliva cl-a$$'s rules on no blood.

    I wasted my youth in that filthy cult living in fear of demons, god and anyone not a JW!

    It's a waste of money as people 'contribute' to the world wide work GB's pocket! The money could be used to REALLY help the poor and needy.

    It's a waste of good land erecting austere, cold and fusty Kingdum Hells where a good fish'n'chip shop or boozer could stand.

    A waste of energy lighting and heating the kingdum hells, A$$€m ? £¥ hells and the like.

    The energy would be better channelled into electric chairs that are used to execute the GB and it's suck ups for crimes against humanity.

    Let their imaginary friend Jar Hoover vacuum that problem away for those 7 village idiots!

  • minimus

    PUNK'S MAD!!!!

  • punkofnice

    You bet. Here I am in my mid 50's and if it wasn't for the internet and having been an elder I don't know if I'd have woken up.

    I've wasted so much of my life and childhood on the rules of a filthy disgusting cult. Yup. I'm mad!

    Absolutley livid!!

    I can't get that time back. I'm not investing in a faith that seems cosy but is just a delusion.

    Ooooooooh, I'm not best pleased.

    TBH, if the GB DID go to the chair and I ws asked to flip the lever..I WOULD!!

  • minimus


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