Being A Jehovah's Witness is Simply A Waste Of Time!!!

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  • Nickolas
  • minimus

    I was talking to a former publisher yesterday (he never got dunked) and he said he couldn't understand why Witnesses just wasted all their time and energies and talent on something so meaningless. Yet they were quick to DF everyone for the stuppidest things.... Go figure!

  • alanv

    I guess I was lucky. I had a great social life as a witness. Always plenty of friends to go around with. I also enjoyed the power of being a pioneer and mini servant. Also learnt how to speak to different types of people and to address a large meeting.

    Having said that the so called friends dropped me like a hot potato when I left for disagreeing with the society.

    So I have good and bad memories of my time with them.

    However much of those things I mentioned I could have learnt elsewhere if I wanted.

    The worst thing is realizing your so called friends are totally conditional on you agreeing with all that they say. I am well rid of friends like that.

  • minimus

    "Friends" that only will be friendly IF you do what they say. EFF THEM!

  • Giordano

    When I was a JW I always felt I was playing on a losing team. It was more embarassing then spiritual..... especially going out in service. When a 'new' person came to the Hall I'd listen to the talks or WT study as if I was that new person and feel humiliated that I was a witness who went along to get along. Got out at 23.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    this is the biggest change i noticed when i left. I now had time! Time to think and read, enjoy life... At first i found it a bit out of place and felt I needed to fill it but then i realized this is the way to live!


  • minimus

    And your time isn't micro-managed either! YOU can use YOUR time as YOU see fit. what a novel idea, huh?

  • undercover
    this is the biggest change i noticed when i left. I now had time! Time to think and read, enjoy life...

    I love Saturday and Sunday mornings now. Sleep in from the previous night's debauchery... fix a mid-morning breakfast, or go to brunch or Starbucks. Read the paper, surf the web.

    But that's part of the indoctrination process. Keep you too busy to think or indulge in anything but what they want you to do. You're so busy chasing your tail that you don't have time to pause and say, "hey wait a minute....this isn't really enjoyable or fulfilling..."

  • Half a Person
    Half a Person

    There are plenty of other ways to waste time...

    but yes, learning about what the trumpet blasts of Revelation "really" mean, or what is the significance of the "hairy he goat" does now seem pretty pointless

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    No other religion demands sooo much and gives back so little!

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