The Ancient Jewish CROSS and the ancient Hebrew letter Taw

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    "Why should Jewish influence be so far reaching compared to Egyptian influence or Phyrgian, or Syrian, or Parthian, or Cypriote, or Cretan, etc., not to mention Etruscan and Greek influence?"

    Well, my guess is the Sanhedrin controlled the religion's purse strings and took in a huge amount of money, and a corupt leadership could use $$$ to control the government. That's how the Catholic Church ruled Europe with terror during the dark ages. My arguments are based on the notion the Sanhedrin was in bed with the Roman government (perhaps figuratively and otherwise). That's why Jesus hated them and spoke in the most vile defamations that today would have been like calling a dictator the "F" word and spitting in his face, definitely triggering petty vengeance in puny vengeful minds. Yes, I have my own notions from my Bible reading over the years and studying various historical sources along the way, but it's pure speculation hoping for validation of rebuttal.

  • Leolaia

    Yeah, but bear in mind that the "symbol" is not the same thing as a particular execution device used by the Romans. The Society considers them the same, as if the claim that Jesus died on a cross means that Jesus would have been executed on a "pagan symbol."

    The "symbol" is simply an intersection of lies, its one of the most basic geometric shapes imaginable, and it has potential for symbolic meaning because of its intersection (e.g. a joining together, a crossing of two different things, etc.). So of course it was used symbolically across human cultures. The Society thinks this was so because there was an original false religion in Babylon that spread the use of the symbol all over the world; this is a fallacious notion derived from Alexander Hislop. The ubiquity of the symbol is due to its intrinsic simplicity and geometric basicness, it shows up in simple decorative design without any intended meaning.

  • Leolaia

    BTW this has to be the funniest quote on cross as a pagan symbol in the Watchtower literature:

    *** w58 8/15 p. 510 Questions From Readers ***

    As you can see, therefore, the above discussion bears out the fact that the torture stake or tree upon which Jesus was impaled was not a cross, or a log with a crossbeam, as Christendom teaches, but was a straight, erect pole or log or stick and did not correspond with the phallic symbol of the cross.

  • brit-93108

    Also if you take the Devil thing seriously there are lots of aspects I've mentioned where scholars simply would not want to go. In an intellectual world people do tend to shy away from the discussion of fallen angels and many mainstream churches write off that whole area as metaphorical in the Bible, if nothing else to avoid losing credibility amongst their higher educated church members. You can't venture into occultic motivations in religious history without losing half your audience, so we lose that dimension of thought and discussion altogether.

  • brit-93108

    "as if the claim that Jesus died on a cross means that Jesus would have been executed on a "pagan symbol.""

    Going back a few, that was my thought, but that a symbol meant to bastardize a whorous union between Sanhedrin and Roman government to dishonor the body of a murdered man claimed by the Sanhedrin as masquerading as a Messiah, through Jesus's resurrection transformed into a glorious symbol of defeat of Satan. Thereby extending the metaphor of the cross's appearance to be an extended middle finger to God that His son Jesus was murdered on, turned around and used to humiliate the original Humiliator. Just extending the metphor....

    "As you can see, therefore, the above discussion bears out the fact that the torture stake or tree upon which Jesus was impaled was not a cross, or a log with a crossbeam, as Christendom teaches, but was a straight, erect pole or log or stick and did not correspond with the phallic symbol of the cross."

    Yes, your amusement doesn't escape reason; the stake does look like an erect phalus (since God didn't create human male anatomy with extensions, i.e. the crossbeams). Why is it their metaphors always blow up in their faces do you suppose?

  • ziddina

    Leolaia - good catch!!

    Good to see you posting again - I always enjoy your posts!!


  • Kenneson

    If the Watchtower Society imagines that the stake or pole has no pagan connection, than they need to re-read the Old Testament.

    On several occasions it speaks of the sacred poles or wooden stakes dedicated to the Canaanite goddess Asherah.

  • ProdigalSon
  • Malachi Elijah
    Malachi Elijah

    The Tau has a date, though it is said by scholars to be derived from an 8-pointed asterick which means STAR. The 8-point represents 8 years of Venus though Venus actualy meets the sun in only 5 points of that 8-year circle. A 6-point is Mars, but the Jews claim the star of David is 12 sides like Jupiter or the moon. The Tau of mass suicide to go to heaven (all the wives and all the servants of Nahor Alumdug and his grandson Haran Meskalumdug) occurs on the Egyptian date Koyak 24. (2029bc May 5) This Kayak, Kyak, Choiak means a one-man boat to heaven. But as a boat to heaven it referred to the ark of 8 people ascending in a rapture trapped in an ark like their coffin for 40 days. According to Egyptian myth they were not rejoicing for their salvation but feared death until the 40th day when the sun rose bright. This 40 days is called the crossing. This is why the end of this crossing on the Epiphany January 6 places the middle day as the average of all things that crossed over in 40 days. The middle date is December 17 known as the Saturnalia (crossing of Saturn) which rises with Venus crossing, and Jupiter crossing those same 40 days. When Noah died, the concept of the boat to heaven became a singular one-man boat to heaven, (though this is no doubt a result that Nahor had led the whole disgusting suicide in 2029bc). This is why Sakkuth is translated as disgusting when it means the planet Saturn (in its house or in its booth). The Tau or crossing in 2029bc is that of Saturn. It is mistaken as the 3 days the moon crosses from setting death to burial absence to rising rebirth; but those dates in Koiak merely confirm this event as Koyak 21 & 22 &23. The suicide is then on Koyak 24 and the dead silent morn is Koyak 25. On this date Saturn every two orbits makes a circle around Regulus and crosses passes it twice in September 2030bc then May 2029bc as it did when Peleg Mesanipada declared his 32-year old son an elder (king Reu Aanipada) over all his things. Thus the Saturnalia crossing of the city Ur was with the star Regulus of Leo not the Flood's horn of Capricorn. Greeks of 778bc Dec 25 when Egyptian 10th montn Payni 25 was on that date then confuse the two and thus think Koyak 25 was the Dec 25 Saturnalia of 2958bc. This is derived from Noah being found dead on Dec 25 of 2021bc and keeping the date by leaping it forward every 4 years it becomes retained in 778bc when it becomes Payni 25. Leap day of 777bc then makes Dec 25 Payni 26, etc every 4 years. The Maya knew this because they place new year Pop 0 on Dec 24 of 2021bc, and Pop 1 on Dec 25. Thus Christmas Dec 25 existed before Cyrus was declared Christ in 560bc (1460 years are 365 leap days from 2020-560bc). Also before Darius was declared Christ (522-520bc) because 1507 years (1508x 365 days) is 365 solar leap days from 2029bc Jan 6 winter solstice to 521bc Dec 25 winter solstice. These dates are ABSOLUTE because Jan 6 is not the solstice in the Flood 2369bc (solstice Jan 9) nor back in 2958bc; so too Dec 25 is not the solstice after Darius. For the Magi the solstice was Dec 20 five days before this Christmas Noah, which is 12 days before the Jan 6 Solstice Memorial in 2029bc between Peleg's death and Nahor's suicide to join him in heaven. Thus what is called pagan actually marks true events that prove longevity has a toxin that's curable and all ignore it by party on dates that should be solemn memorial.

    But the TAU is more than just dates of crossing. More than baby Jesus born christened by Magi on the cross (presumed as 6000am), visiting the temple at 12 on the cross (12-year Jupiter), baptized on the cross (30-year Saturn), and dying on the cross (a mere date, not of wood). The Tau of Mars is called Tamuz which is a contraction for Tau of Damuzi. The date of this marks the year Nimrod died at 500 and baby Judah was born in Harran Syria. 1770bc (2256am) July 10 at summer solstice confirmed by the Phoenix being reborn Venus the firebird rising from the summer solstice sun. Confirmation is then 997bc July 10 which then Solomon proved by his own death that Mars is not 780 Julian years but 773 Julian years. Thus you can argue whether Solomon's death honored Nimrod's death with Tamuz, or whether it exalted baby Judah as king, or Israel as king because it was Israel the Father who noted the Tamuz of Nimrod and projected Judah would be greater than Nimrod.

    Crossings do occur again. Jesus chose to go to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday because it was the same Egyptian (or any 365-day calendar) as Noah packing the ark in 2370bc. He expected that if this was the Nisan 14 Passover to die, and Nisan 16 to be raised up, that he would appear for 40 days, the same 40 days dated to the Flood for the ark. This Nisan 16 was one of its kind, it was the same Egyptian date as Noah's 40 days. Thus Jesus appeared the same 40 days (April 5 to May 15) that Noahs ark floated (November 27 to January 6). This is not the same 40 days that the spirit Xisuthros claimed to be Noah from Greek Christmas eve Dec 24 to Zoroaster Christmas eve Thoth 24 (Feb 2) of 2020bc. In fact the word Christos comes from Xisuthros meaning the king who crossed over in the Flood to ascend back to heaven where he came from. Xisuthros spoke againsyt Noah for his rule of 180 years (64,800 days) from 2550-2370bc. He was the anti-Christ or false Christ who now has his second chance by ruling thru the current king who feels he saves us from Armageddon. The year 2011-2012ad has the same 40 days as it does every 1460 years; the 7 days to assemble like Jesus followed by 40 days appearing in flesh in locked rooms to the followers. Jesus died on the 5th day to rise the 7th for 40 days. Revelation makes it clear his bride dies the 7th day to appear these 40 days. So does the bride let herself get slaughtered on this crossing; and do those who were burned by apostles instead blame her. She must pick up the ear her apostle sliced off the Roman soldier, and she must heal it or she is guilty of sin without repentance, as Jesus being the leader was guilty of sin for those minutes from the time of Peter's swinging sword to the time there was no longer proof the ear was cut off. Sin moust be repented for, it must be erased. The bride is blamed for what her followers do, so the bride must die, as guilty though she is the Christ who heals and is seen for 40 days by 7 million ingrates.


  • Malachi Elijah
    Malachi Elijah

    Another crossing was the new year. The lunar calendar new year and 1st of EVERY month is honored in the LAW. Noah and 7 others did nothing on the date 12-30 or on the date 1-02. It was on the new year of year 601 (2369bc Oct 6) that they removed the ark door in celebration though none of them could get out because it was too muddy to go anywhere. This doesnt mean they didnt get out or walk about for the new calendar year. It means they didnt unpack. it was futile to do so. This 360-day calendar new year happens to also be absent new moon. Thus the new year was celebrated contrary to any evangelical religion claiming new years are not in the bible. It matters not whether this year was the new moon or not, the scripture clearly says removal of the door on 1st day of 1st month. I cannot imagine Moses saying, i better refrain from saying (writing down) that they rejoiced on this day.

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