A brother at my wife's congregation wants to study the Bible Teach book...

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    *** km 2/05 p. 6 par. 3 Part 6-Conducting Progressive Bible Studies ***
    What if a student has difficulty accepting a certain teaching or holds strongly to a false belief? It may be beneficial to consider additional material that thoroughly discusses what the Bible says on that subject. If the student is still not convinced, leave the subject for another time and continue on with his regular study. (John 16:12) As he gains a broader knowledge of the Bible and progresses spiritually, he may come to understand that Bible teaching.

  • garyneal
    As he gains a broader knowledge of the Bible and progresses spiritually, he may come to understand that Bible teaching.

    Or he may not... But yeah, I remember this quote in one of V's (WT Comments) videos.

    But thanks for the warning, though, and thanks for reminding me of their tactics.

  • Greybeard

    Thank you garyneal and everyone else for all of your posts! I have really enjoyed reading this thread. I admire what you are doing and the time you are taking with this "hero". I realize he most likely will never come around but now you have him in a position where you can make a strong point that he never will forget. like the one person said, you can't cut a tree down buy cutting the leaves. You have been doing that in my opinion but soon you should go for the trunk.

    What really is sad in this case is your wife must be very joyful that you are studying with this person. She thinks your eternal life is being saved. As the "hero" put it, "you will become a witness." (or something like that) No doubt he has told her that too. The longer this goes on, the more hurt your wife will be when you don't drink the Kool-Aid. I commend you for what you are doing. The only hope I have for some of my family is that someone like you will take the time to do this for them.

    So, how do you chop the tree down? There are many ways but my favorite is to share Isaiah 44: 25-26, "I am frustrating the signs of the empty talkers, and I am the One that makes diviners themselves act crazily; the One turning wise men backwards, and the One that turns even their knowledge into foolishness; the One making the word of his servant come true, and the One that carries out completely the counsel of his own messengers."

    Then ask, "Has Jehovah made any words of the Jehovah Witnesses come true? Has he carried out completely the counsel of the messengers known as Jehovah's Witnesses?" The answer to that question is NO he has not. ALL of their predictions have proved them to be "empty talkers" and their knowledge has proved to be "foolishness."

    I would do this in front of my wife if at all possible. However, only you know how your wife will react so think about that one first. But you need to become firm at this point with this man. You need to let him know that you strongly feel the Bible proves JW's are false messengers and false prophets! God has not made ONE WORD of theirs come true! NOT ONE! Don't let him pull 1914 on you. They predicted Armageddon would come in 1914. Has he once pointed you to Christ Jesus or is he pointing you to the ORG/GB? you know the answer to that.

    This is only my opinion, you know your situation best. Sometimes a good shock will shake a person. I think you need to shock him. They cannot answer Isaiah 44: 25-26. The Watchtower hardy ever quotes it. Is it any wonder?

    What you are dealing with is a programed robot who is trying to lead you to obey and follow MAN not Christ. Jesus is the way truth and the life. I hope you do believe that. If you do, you could tell him your hope is to live in heaven with Christ then see how he tries to shut that TRUE Christian hope down.

    I would record this if I were you then you could play it for your wife latter if she doesn't sit in. Us too

    Your brother in Christ,


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Ah, questioned dodged......

    Ignor a dodge.

    Just ignor it.


    They are slippery buggers. Nail their goddam feet to the floor if you have to.

    If you know how to use John 20:28 on a JW, using context and grammar and not letting them lead you around by the nose, you should be able to rip them a new one. From memory, Walter Martin did a demo on how to do it. You have to get them to cut off all of their escape routes by getting them to tell you who & what Thomas was and what he and Jews of his era believed and then get them to read the scripture substituting the name Jehovah for 'god' because they have agreed that Jehovah is Thomas' god and they have left themselves no way out. If they try to pretend that Thomas blasphemed .... Jesus didn't rebuke him.

    Also, there is a bunch of scriptures in Isaiah you can use for JWs who want Jesus to be little god, and/or a creator.


  • nugget

    Gary you are doing so well, it is hard to pin them down to an argument since they like to dodge around the issue but you have done well keeping him on task as much as you have.

    I would be incredibly irritated that someone insists that I would just accept doctrine regardless of my own reservations.

    Best of luck with your efforts.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I cornered some long term Dubs a couple of days ago.

    Everything I told them they already knew except the 'ancient worthies' return in 1925. My mistake. These were dubs of nearly 50 years service & I thought they would know that one for sure. I hope they look it up.

    A lot of the time I was getting them to fill in the 'gaps' in my memory. "What was the name of that talk?????" "Millions something?"

    The most frequently used shutdown was probably, "I'm not talking about someone else's church, I'm talking about yours.", followed by, "That's not what we are talking about."

    They didn't disagree with a single thing I told them and agreed to things I never thought I would hear a Dub agree to.


  • punkofnice

    Now this is an interesting thread and I hadn't spotted it before.

    It'd be cool to secretly record the study and post it on YouTube or somewhere.

    1914.........ooooooooooh! That'll be interesting! Old Charlie Rissole with his pyramidology and astrology and altering the measurments of the pyramid to fit 1914. Hilarious!

    Can't wait to see where you are next Garyneal!

  • nonjwspouse


    Where is the next "chapter"? I am intriegued.

  • DS211

    Me too

  • garyneal

    No next chapter with Hero. He cannot answer my question so he stopped coming by.

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