A brother at my wife's congregation wants to study the Bible Teach book...

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  • wasblind

    Hello there Gary

    I sure wish you had of shown that brother page 199 in

    the reasoning book they specifically talk about 1914

    as one of their main beliefs, and they say the things listed on that

    page sets them apart from other religions

    I'm so glad DOC brought up the reasoning book

    I beat 'em down with that book whenever I can

    on page 200 # 8 seals the deal on what they said about

    some who saw the events of 1914 would be the ones to see the end

    It doesn't matter what they changed it too. the fact they changed it

    makes them false

  • garyneal
    I sure wish you had of shown that brother page 199 in the reasoning book they specifically talk about 1914 as one of their main beliefs.

    Frankly, I did not know that it said this. You know, I find that there are things said in that book that is considered old light now. In fact, I think it still teaches that the generation alive to see 1914 is not suppose to pass away. None of the noo lite from 1995 onward is in there.

  • purpleplus

    Keep us posted on the outcome!

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    SERIOUSLY .......isn't there anything better you could spend your time on ??? What is the point ? You already don't believe their teachings ,and you can't really believe you are going to convince the JW he is wrong . Games such as these are not worth playing in my honest opinion .

  • garyneal
    What is the point ? You already don't believe their teachings ,and you can't really believe you are going to convince the JW he is wrong . Games such as these are not worth playing in my honest opinion.

    You make an excellent point and I have no intention of trying to prove him wrong. As far as I am concerned, he is entitled to his beliefs just as my wife is entitled to hers, just as I am entitled to mine.

    Because I question certain doctrines to my wife ad nauseum, she feels like I could 'really benefit from a Bible study.' "Very well," I said, "if you think someone can convince me of the things that you do not seem interested in convincing me of, great." Hence the reason for all of this.

    My main point of contention with my wife and other believing Jehovah's Witnesses, if you are so sure that people like me as well as other people who attend church and/or believe in God are wrong and that being a witness is the only way, prove it. I told my wife that if she could simply prove the selection in 1919 true, I will suit up and be a baptized brother at the next assembly.

    With an offer like that, you would think she would try to find proof.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Ahhhh now I understand ,thanks Gary . Good luck with it all . I do feel sorry for you having to waste a perfectly good evening though when you could be ....oh I don't know ...posting here instead

  • DesirousOfChange

    I tried the 1914 and this generation angle with an elder at my M-I-L's congregation. I published the e-mail exchange of that episode here. Unfortunately, he just copped out by saying that the whole date thing is not their core doctrine that that they are about loving God, neighbor, and understanding God's purpose.

    The whole date thing is NOT their core doctrine (anymore) because they have fucked it up beyond repair. It was the MAJOR DOCTRINE from the mid-60s for 20 or 30 years.......they only drag it out sooooooooooooooooooo long........as long as they could........a little bit longer..........(don't go to school.....then end it near)..........(you'll never get old)..........and now BAM! IT IS NOT A MAJOR DOCTRINE anymore. (WTF??) That's because they built up the date thing so many times, only to have it crumble on them (pie in the face), that not only can they NOT build it up again, they DON'T WANT TO. They have FINALLY figured out they have NO CREDIBILITY in that arena and it's too damn risky and foolish to put anything out about a DATE again.

    The issue is NOT the doctrine of dates............it is the doctrine of Divine Direction. Does God's Holy Spirit really F&%kup this often and this badly?

    "It's right around the corner. OOPS! Next corner..............OOPS! Not yet..................OOPS! Not here yet!...................OOPS! It was YOU that misunderstood what you think we said, nor do you realize that what we said was not what God meant.........He's just sifting the flock.............NOT YET>>>>>>>.......time for more "culling" (that was the word at the Dist Cov)............we don't want TOO MANY to be saved............test them again.......and again...........OOPS!.....one more time..............now you granddad is the same "generation" as your grandkids................WHAT A FREAKING WONDERMENT OF NOO LITE!

    Jehovah really needs a better PR Dept..........this group cannot get ANYTHING straight! (at least not the first time)..........or the 2nd.......or 3rd.......or................

    And to claim that this is GOD's DIRECTION..................Which God?

  • garyneal


    While that elder may have copped out and said that it was not their official doctrine, I don't believe the Watchtower agrees with him. At least, I never saw or heard of a publication that addresses it as peripheral (and okay if you choose not to agree with it). Even the Bible Teach book this brother wants to study with me about contains a reference to it as well as the whole gentile times thing in the appendix. (No mention of 1919 though).

  • VM44

    The book is available for download at one of the official websites of The Watchtower.


  • Vanderhoven7


    Yes 1914 is critical.

    If no 1914, there is no 1918 temple inspection (Jesus cleansing the temple i.e. rejecting all churches 31/2 years after His presence) and there is no 1919 when Jesus found a FDS funnelling truth through the WTBTS and thereupon appointed to act as sole communicator of truth to mankind.

    I would stick with the blood issue though. If the doctor says abstain from alcohol, he does not mean that you can't apply alcohol to cuts.

    Using blood to sustaining life was not the issue. Eating blood was the issue. Pastor Russell had it right.

    It is indeed assumption on the part of the organization to take a dietary regulation, which was a temporary injunction btw (seeing that the other 2 dietary recommendations in Acts 15 were later waived (I Cor. 10:25,27) originally designed to prevent stumbling Jewish members. The moral, as opposed to the dietary injunctions (fornication) was never waived, because it was not temporary.

    From there I would go into the extra-biblical breaking down of what is acceptable and not acceptable in terms of blood components. R. Franz has a great chapter on blood issue....demonstrating both the extra-biblical and illogical and lifethreating changes and conclusions of the org on this issue.

    Funny how the org's laws prohibit storing blood (no NT evidence to support this) but allow JWs to benefit from the "sinfully" stored blood of others to sustain their lives. Funny also that JWs are allowed to have their own blood drawn and stored in small containers for testing purposes. Where does the Bible define permissible amounts of storage?

    Every unique doctrine originated by the Org is in fact extra-biblical

    Good luck tonight however you play it.


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