Stupid rules

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  • serein

    no beards no long hair for men why not god gave em the hair to grow,must wear dresses skirts grr hated it ,got told off once for wearing a top that was vneck line and was a bit low im flat chested i dint think it matterd lol,had to keep kids quiet at all times and couldnt take em in libry or in back room,so it was either beat the crap out off them in toilets and befor i got there just to warn em all to keep quiet not move a muscle or just dont go at all i chose not to go to much stress i got 8 kids,cant gamble or do sport but bro simon wa having gamleing at his house every weekend, playing poker and football games, i had to wear long sleeves as i had a tattoo on my arm,being bugged for reports kids not alowed to touch curtains or walk about on there own together not alowed to bring prams in to assembly hall or pushchairs so had to hold babys on my knees at assembllys and cope wi 6 other kids, the rules r endless stupid hard work

  • life is to short
  • 00DAD

    No using of/quoting from any Bible other than the NWT. Unless of course you're the GB. This rule apparently doesn't apply to them or their delegated representatives on the mysterious "Writing Committee". I'm sure we've all noticed that the WT publications routinely cite/quote other translations/versions. For just one recent example see the w2011 p. 19, para. 13:

    “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” (1 Tim. 6:6, New International Version)

  • punkofnice

    Here in the UK they banned the wearing of white socks until the washtowel showed a picture of a bloke on the prattform in white socks.

    White socks were considered to be a dangerous subversive ingress from gay culture.

    Some congregations banned travelling speakers from wearing anything but white shirts. They had a stock of white shirts for speakers to change in to. This was until the circus over-sneer insisted on wearing a coloured shirt and told them not to be such pedants.

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