Stupid rules

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  • stuckinamovement

    Remaining seated for the national anthem but its ok to stand for the flag salute. ( however if you are already standing for the national anthem there is no need to sit down during the middle of it). Retarded


  • outsmartthesystem

    Agreed - for me it was no colored shirts allowed on stage

    I was not allowed to wear any shirts with a band or athlete dipicted on it as it as an idolization of that person

    I had a friend that was not allowed to wear or even profess to like any sports teams (doing so encourages divisiveness and hatred)

    Another big one for me is the no clinking of glasses or saying of toasts. Ya know....the clink of a glass is SO closely assocatied with spiritism today that if you do it....Jah will hate you forever! What's weird is taht we avoided that like the plague because Jehovah is holy. Yet we still watch a newly married couple eat their wedding cake even though the wedding cake was of pagan origin to symbolize fertility and prosperity. I guess Jehovah must not be offended by that one

  • sd-7

    Let's not forget the pagan wedding rings. It all drives you batty.


  • NewChapter

    Don't play kingdom melodies in any type of genre other than BORING. It was wrong for a band to put the music to a rock-n-roll beat! They hate young people.


  • AGuest

    Ummm... which "rule" WASN'T stupid (peace to you all)?

    How about:

    No facial hair on men. I mean, in light of the "Biblical" basis for the "Nazarite vow" (which, of course, was [Biblically] replaced by "special pioneering"... a term I never saw in the Bible...)

    No Cabbage Patch dolls (yep, 'fo reelz... 'cause they were "supposed" to be too much "like" real babies 'cause they came with a "birth" certificate...)

    Oh, I have a personal one: when I took my first job as a housing administrator, overseeing a pretty gnarly (yeah, I did say that!) apartment project I was called to meet with the elders of my new congregation about a month after starting the job. Why? Well, their "position" was "that isn't an appropriate job for a sister." Of course, 3 years later, after I was promoted for cleaning the the project (and thus, the neighborhood) up... and so moved off-site... these very same ones came to me and asked me if I would consider going back (translation: take a significant pay cut, move out of my house and back into an apartment... in the "hood")... because (1) the crime had returned and (2) the new manager wasn't allowing JWs to go door to door on HER property! Seriously. Oh, and the Congo Secretary was having problems learning Lotus (which I used to input publisher time into the congregation report - yeah, I handled the books. And saw pretty much everything, doc wise.).

    Stoopid "rules"... by (and, unfortunately, for)... equally "stoopid" people.

    Ennywho... peace to you all, again!

    SA, on her own...

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I remember in the seventies how a sister wearing knee high boots was considered very worldly

    and mag wheels on your car fell in the same catorgory.

    well in Australia, at least


  • maryann

    Good ones!

    Once, after I'd faded (a long time after), my sister told me I shouldn't have 'worldly' friends....

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Re Cabbage Patch dolls:

    There had been a rumour that a CP doll had become demonised and became "alive", similar to the smurfs rumour.

    Nice way to scare the crap out of a 9 yr old girl ("no, you can't have a CP doll because it could be demonised")

  • watersprout
    No Cabbage Patch dolls

    I had a cabbage patch doll.... Loved it! Mind you if anyone had of said anything to my parents about it being demonised, my mom would have done a little ''bitch slapping''...

    No watching soaps/sitcoms.

    No yoga. Which I found stupid. How can you become possessed by breathing deeply and stretching your muscles??

    Crystals were demonic and a form of spiritism. Yes what comes FROM the earth has to be demonic!

    Posters on walls.... Cause you know, it's ''idol'' worship. LMAO! I would have loved to have had posters up on my walls when I was a kid. *sigh*


  • NewChapter

    Never saying bless you for sneezes or good luck.

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