Stupid rules

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  • Bangalore

    Can't call married sisters by their first name. Must address them as Sister and husbands name.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I did hear of one person who had an Elvis Presley poster ''the king''

    and a visiting CO told them to take it down...

    only Jesus was king!


  • not bitter
  • WTWizard

    One I noted was that only Kingdumb maladies, if anything, were to be played in the car on the way to the boasting sessions or while out in field circus. I would estimate that I heard less than 10 times when the driver had anything else going, and they felt that it was not dignified to play anything else while en route to or from the boasting sessions or in field circus.

    (I guess they wouldn't like the rap, heavy metal, and Christmas music I would give them.)

  • maninthemiddle
    No Cabbage Patch dolls

    Really? I live near the Cabbage Patch and they were really popular around here.

    Now the Smurf legend was realy big around here, maye it morphed as it traveled across the country?

    My pet peeve stupid rule was the killing of congragation wide gatherings. We had some rather fun and large parties when I was young, but as I got older the only parties had to be around an "excuse" like graduation.

  • not bitter
  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    this one brother would put masking tape over the little "Wrangler" label on the back pocket of his jeans when doing work at a quick-build or whatnot. I have no idea if he was serious or actually pointing out the ridiculousness of it all...

    To be fair, I wouldn't admit to wearing Wrangler jeans, either.

  • maisha

    There is only percieved rules for those that want power over others. When properly dealt with scriptually that power withers away very rapidly.

    Maybe you are not strong enough to stand up to Stuipd Personalised ideals. It is NOT easy when some consider themsleves untouchable and wants to dominate you or your choices in life.

    At one time way back, I had my Fiancee visiting the KH, we sat together, oh what a commotion that caused. I had one elder come up during the meeting and ask if i thought it appropiate that we were sitting together, lol, I informed him quite loudly enough for all to hear that YES IT WAS APPROPAITE THANKYOU VERY MUCH, I told her not to move as she was worried.

    After the meeting we were summmoned to the little room with 2 elders.

    It was there we were informed that,,, it is NOT appropiate to sit together unless we have another person sit between us in the meeting so that we couldnt get excited about each other.

    We were also told that, We would HAVE to study the family book with these two elders at times suitable for them with their busy schedule and that we should be grateful for their taking the time to assist us to a happy marriage.

    I promptly informed them that We WOULD NOT be having anyone sit between us and they sould go wake their ideas up, that there was nothing scriptually against such a thing and nothing form the society advising against such in the kingdom hall. I also informed them that I and we had ALREADY studied the family book thanks.

    They promptly informed me that they would immediately take further action and that i should carefully consider my thinking.

    I stood up and told the to go take a jump and not in my direction and took my girls hand and walked off. WOW were they UPSET.

    They had meetings of urgency called and i refused to attend citing they lack of respect and non scriptual basis for this requirement.

    They advised that a judicial meeting was to be called, i said go ahead then may Jehovah forgive you!.

    The CO arrived in town and I went and explained all to him, he was so upset with them and called them askign what the hell they thought they were doing, He made them come around to me and apoligise to me and my girl.

    Great result, and one i really enjoyed.

    So my advise to you if you are still inside the organisation and if you feel you are being targeted by stupidity and personalised concepts, such as a name tag or other silly thing,, stand up to it,,, the worst that can be done is DSFS you,, but then appeal to the HQ for support. Every case IS reviewed, but actual comments formm the person rebuked is few and far between.

    Reading the above comments from many it sounds like you dont have the confidence to take a stand, it can be a fearful thing to do. If you need help to do so I am more than happy to give it.

    Peace be with you.

  • Quendi

    I know some gave the "evil eye" to those who liked to play chess (too militaristic and war-like) and backgammon (the doubling cube could tempt some to play for money). Nor should any keep score while playing baseball, basketball, football, or softball as that only encouraged rivalry and competition.


  • stillin

    Never saying bless you for sneezes or good luck

    Not only that but if some nice person happens to say "bless you" if you sneeze, and you say "thanks" you have just participated in an ancient pagan rite and if you don't repent, you will DIE!

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