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  • MrFreeze

    There was no end to the amount of stupid rules put in place. One that always bugged me was "no shirts with slogans when doing KH yard work or at JW gatherings. Id always get talked to about it when I'd wear shirts with a band on it or whatnot. Was that rule enforced in all congregations or did your congregation not follow that policy?

    Also, what stupid rules did you hate?

  • FreeAtLast1914

    I remember the slogan rule, and the elders pretty well kept up with enforcing it. Looking back, it probably had something to do with the Society not getting a cut for their people advertising products.

    No beards was always an odd rule to me.

  • stuckinamovement

    Yep at a quickbuild I had to put duct tape over the team logo on my hat.

    If you give a sister a ride home from the service meeting she has to sit in the back seat to avoid giving the community anything to wonder about. Like a young single brother is likely to jump the bones of old sister diabetes.

    You have to be 15 to handle a microphone.

    You must wear a two peice matching suit anytime you are on stage.


  • stillin

    golly (oops!) have you got a couple of hours?

    currently my pet peeve is the use of a hidden walkway that brings the next speaker onto the platform from the back side of it. Why can't they just take the direct path from their seats to the know, the sensible way?

    then there's the ban on placing bookbags by your seat in the!fire!

    don't get me started!

  • Magwitch

    Do not hold hands during prayer

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    These two biological brothers I hung out with growing up (their father was an elder in our hall) couldn't wear any NO FEAR apparel, because that was showing defiance to Godly fear. Yes'sir.

  • clarity

    No pantsuits or jacket with dress pants ...even to go to a funeral on a Saturday!!!

    So you're out doing errands or appointments Sat morning rushing around then must run home pull on those damnedable pantyhose, skirt and higheels. This will assure that you won't be stared at or have a whole new line of gossip started about you. A$$es!

    Glad to report I have not been squeeeeeezed into those plastic hose for 3 yrs!


  • MrFreeze

    So far, what I can gather from the posts is that the pharisees are alive and well...

  • Magwitch

    You are not spiritual if you have a 2 door car.

  • FreeAtLast1914

    One Hall I went to banned cowboy boots on stage. They gave a local needs on the benefits of wearing only white dress shirts as opposed to those worldly blue and black ones. Also if you were a MS, you HAD to comment at least once per meeting; failing to do so would result in a visit to the backroom and possible removal.

    How did it take me 30 years to see through this BS???

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