Stupid rules

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  • sd-7

    Doing less than 10 hours a month in "field service" made you a "low-hour publisher". So much talk out of both sides of their mouth about that--Jehovah wants quality more than quantity, but if you don't have quantity, none of the time (and expense) you put aside to serve him means jack.

    I think the best stupid rules have already been covered here. One more comes to mind. I got in trouble with my mom as a teenager because I conducted a Bible study with a female classmate. A JW sister was with me on the day I was planning to turn it over, but she forgot her head covering and I therefore had to conduct the study. (Speaking of stupid rules--why couldn't she conduct the study, and just let me do the prayer, if the head covering was really what it was about? She was teaching a female, and I just happened to be there, not as a student but as a companion, but the stupid rules just don't let you think that far ahead...) I got an earful for 'not turning the study over', even though I didn't even have any feelings for the girl and I had no intentions of holding onto the study.

    Getting interrogated by the elders if you're dating someone, even if you've only been dating a few weeks. Heck, even talking to a female on the phone invites that if they find out.

    Glad that's over.


  • NewChapter

    At the KH you can't sit next to someone you're dating unless marriage is imminent. Maybe this was a good one just to keep the rumor mill from revving up-but where I'm from the nazis are pretty stern about this rule.

    One year if a sister had a part on the convention she couldn't have a slit in her skirt AT ALL. Including a kick pleat. Imagine wearing a nice straight business like skirt (the kind I wore since I dressed up for work) and not having a kick pleat! You can't walk. The only option were those godawful flowy flowery affairs.


  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    All these rules bring back so many memories from all the halls I attended growing up. Ironically, the one that I'm stuck in now is manned by an elder body who could care less if you walked into the hall looking like Charles Manson. They are still tools, though.

  • ProdigalSon

    I used to practically have my hair yanked out of my head by one of the elders if it grew a half inch over my ear. I guess that defines "long". God forbid I should have stopped resembling Opie Taylor.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    The last KH I attended was like the brothers u described Falcon. They were so aloof of who was at the meetings, that I used to get offers to study, weekly, even though my answer each time was that I'm already baptized. I attended there off and on while I faded and only one elder remembered my name, let alone that I had visited before.

  • Alfred

    No going to the bathroom during the meeting. No going to the bathroom during the song or prayer. No going to the bathroom after the meeting (it needs to be clean for the next congo's meeting)...

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    "No slogan shirts during KH cleaning" pisses me off. But at a gathering I once wore a shirt that said "let's focus on me"...I got some Looks, if you know what I mean.

  • Searchn4answrs

    No participation of school-related competitive sports..But everyones invited to Bro Lame-ass's house ,for SuperBowl..Everyone wear team colors!!!

  • Kudra

    Ha ha, this one brother would put masking tape over the little "Wrangler" label on the back pocket of his jeans when doing work at a quick-build or whatnot. I have no idea if he was serious or actually pointing out the ridiculousness of it all... he was an odd one...

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    No participation of school-related competitive sports..But everyones invited to Bro Lame-ass's house ,for SuperBowl..Everyone wear team colors!!!

    HAHAHAHA, Searchn4answrs! I NEVER thought of that! Wow, good observation!

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