Christians used to be sure of what they believed...

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  • Twitch

    It's not what's true that matters but that we are united in our endeavour and have love among ourselves.

    Indeed. It's all semantics IMO. Every major religion espouses the basic ideas ("unity", "love", etc) but usually with a disclaimer on exclusivity. Pick your flavour and follow the word but realize if god is for everyone, everyone will see it differently, as is proven by the number and diversity of religions we have today and the long and convoluted history of same.

    The finer "truth" is how people treat each other because of their belief, not the belief itself. Those who look past the details and see the bigger picture have transcended their ego, the god archetype and accept the world and the people in it as it is.

    Such is my belief, in a nutshell.


    Very true Twitch. How we treat each other is our reality - the god thing can take care of itself.

    Ask not what you can do for your god but what your god can do for you.

  • tec

    My eyes are closing as I read this (since I've been looking things over for a few hours in the middle of the night now, lol), but I noticed that you've said you missed me twice in two threads, and I just wanted to say thank you before I go to sleep. Hope to talk more to you tomorrow. I see that you have once again donned your armor :) Makes me sentimental...

    Please don't be discouraged by the discrepencies you are reading and hearing. I have also been told by a poster, in a non-direct way, that I worship at the table of demons. I found it easy to turn the other cheek (though it took my breath for a moment) because, to date, I have perceived that more as an insult to me. And an insult to me can only bother me if I allow it to do so - which isn't often. However, I am slightly more outspoken when someone I love has been hurt or insulted. As I believe is the case between the two posters you are mostly referring to.

    Talk more tomorrow, but its good to see you again.

    Peace and love to you,


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    We have got to sort this mess out. Any suggestions will be gratefully received and taken seriously.

    You forgot to say "may you have peace" although I prefer to say "may you have a piece of cake"

  • PSacramento

    Thanks for the kind words Gladiator ( May the Roman Gods smile upon you).

    You have most certianly made me a better Christian for all your questions and debating and for that, I thank you with all my heart.

    Christians, aminstream ones anyway, tend to argue about doctrines ( which are manmade and fair game) than about the core of their faith, which is Christ and love.

    We may argue about certain finer points, but we all believe the central core of Christianity:

    Christ is the Son of God, Our Lord and Saviour, he was killed and was resurrected and lives at the right hand of God and will come again.

    We all believe in the ressurection of the body at the end of days and that God is Our Father and Christ His only Son.

    Again, we make argue the "finer" points of doctrines and rightly so, but the core we all agree on ( typically....sometimes...I hope....LOL !).

    Christianity has always had a history of "debating itself", from the discussions between Paul and James, from the likes of Marcion to Arian to Palgis and so forth.

    There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion, I take discussion and disagreement over totalarianism any day !

  • the-illuminator81

    Apart from Christians then and now, what about JW 2.0. If you ask them something difficult at the door, they have to go back, do some research (i.e. ask the almighty WTLib or the elders) and come back to you. They can't think for themselves. They don't even know what they believe themselves, yet they knock on your door to convert you. Why can't you just take the magazines, you annoying householder.

  • wobble

    Good thread Gladdy !

    How come "Jesus" or that other one with the long title about armies and stuff, talks to so few, and they are all believers in him, same with Muhammad, he speaks to a few, all Muslims, strange isn't it ?

    The only time we are told, that Jesus spoke to a non-believer was on the road to Damascus, to Saul. But look what that did for faith and recruitment !

    You would think he would appear, or at least speak to, a few of us non-believer types. Same with Muhammad, if he wants the whole world to become followers of Islam, as they don't proseletyse, he could do with a bit of popping up in the non-Muslim world.

  • PSacramento


    What makes you think he DOESN'T speak to you?

    I mean, what do you expect Christ to sound like and to say?


    I see this thread has been and brought back from the edge of oblivion, a resurrection no less.

    In some ways I wasn’t sorry to see it fade away because it was a rather sarcastic take on two posters recent dispute. My reason for posting was a response to the many claims that some Christians publicly make. This often brings them at loggerheads with other Christians as well as atheists. My reasoning is that if certain people believe that Jesus really does speak to them then they can take my suggestion seriously.

    I ignore most of these claims but every so often I enter the arena for a little fun and mischief and to remind folks that I am still alive.

    Some good points Wobble!

    Thanks for your comments Tammy. I hope your holiday is going well and Jesus is not getting travel-sick keeping up with you.

    And thanks also to PSacramento for your diplomacy and patience. "I take discussion and disagreement over totalarianism any day!"

  • PSacramento

    I think that a lot of people suffer from the "zeal" of the convert, especially when they have just recently been converted ( or un-converted).

    We tend to think we are right about everything, LOL !

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