Your LEAST favorite movies?

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  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread
    Kidding, JD. I never saw it. The previews kept me away.


    Yes, it is a bad movie.

    Another bad movie was "Reds".


  • AGuest

    To kick the thread into high(er) gear, if I may, dear JD (peace to you!)... How about 10 "bad" movies you liked/LOVED? Here are a few of mine:

    BAPS Friday Night of the Living Dead Resident Evil (No. 1) Thank God It's Friday The Village To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything... Julie Newmar True Lies Up in Smoke Uptown Saturday Night

    Yeah, my taste runs the gamut!

    Peace, chickens!

    SA, on her own...

  • Awen

    Bad movie: "Jehovah's Witnesses-The Organization Behind The Name. LOL

    Seriously, "The Omen" that kid reminds me of a few publishers I knew.

    Also ANY horror film. I don't watch them as I feel there is enough horror in the world without making stuff up.

    Bad movies I like:

    Just Go With It

    Happy Gilmore

    Little Nicky

    Mr. Deeds

    Big Daddy

    You Don't Mess With The Zohan

    (Basically any Adam Sandler flick)


    Clerks 2

    Mall Rats

    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

    Chasing Amy (seriously a guy converts a lesbian? yeah right)

    Peace and Love,

    Morgan (Awen)

  • Violia

    Tess, hands down. that and "the English patient" are just the most boring movies ever. As Elaine from Seinfeld said about English patient" DIE ALREADY"Oh yes, "Lost in translation", wow, was that awful.

  • mummatron
    All three of the Bayformers sucked, and oh how I hate Michael Bay. - NRFG

    Ditto! I watched the first 20mins of Transformers and refused to watch the rest of it and the sequels.

    'Legends of the Fall' was a total waste of an evening. It goes ooooonnn and oooooooonnnnn and ooooonnn and oooooooonnnnn, then just when you think it can't possibly get any more depressingly miserable and you think it's going to end, it goes ooooonnn and oooooooonnnnn a bit longer.

  • jay88

    Shelby, I raise your ten movies to my one,....

  • jay88

    Since my picture isn't showing up it is "Freddy got fingered" by Tom Green.

  • AGuest

    Ummmm... can't see YOURS, dear Jay (peace to you!). Or is this an "I'll show you mine... if you show me yours" kind of thing? If so, I've shown you TEN, so... LOLOLOL!

    Peace, chicken (ummm, rooster)!

    SA, on her own...

  • jay88

    Uh, ......buzzkill.....

  • AGuest
    I raise your ten movies to my one.... it is "Freddy got fingered" by Tom Green.

    . Ummmm, uh... yeah... that'll do it. I "fold".

    Peace, J! LOLOLOLOL!

    SA, on her own here (thank gawd!)...

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