DO NOT have children in this system!!

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  • What Now?
    What Now?

    Growing up, this is something that my other always told me. I've had several conversations with older sisters who have said that if they could do things over, they wouldn't have had children. Other couples my own age are horrified at the thought of raising children in "this system". I know many couples, now in their thirties and forties who desperately want families but are putting it off until after Armageddon. This is particularly sad to me because so many of them would make wonderful parents.

    I know that the world isn't what it used to be, compared to when my parents and grandparents were growing up. But has it gotten so bad that the average person (outside of the organization) would not want to bring new life into this world? Or is this something that is peculiar to Witnesses?

  • zeroday*

    Now exactly peculiar to the Witnesses but I know of a few couples that never had children...

  • punkofnice

    I think originally they thought that childeren were an encumberance on one who could get the WTB$ cash and power from door knocking. An extra responsibility that would stop a person doing MORE MORE MORE to obtain said cash and power for the filthful and disgraceful silyva cl-a$$.

    Now of course it seems that a great percentage of those craptized are born-ins...and born-ins getting younger, bordering on infant baptism.

    Catch 22.

    My solution = send the GB to the chair for crimes against humanity and disband the WTB$ selling it's assets off to help the poor and needy.

  • leavingwt

    "This System" is the ONLY system to have children in.

    Sex: Do it for The Kids

  • Gayle

    There are non-JWs that just don't want children at all. They are honest about that and for those that don't have children that is fine. Some JWs hide behind the honesty of that, to add to their self-righteousness in their mind, to wait till the 'new world.'

    I know one elder's wife, approaching 50 now, has truly names picked out for her children that she will have in the 'new world.' Sad.

    Most people have children. It takes courage. It changes one's life for certain. Most people find how their love grows, and joys grow, find a very strong purpose with children and they do and can provide a safe and loving environment in their homes for their children.

    But the WTS enourages/intimidates their people to put their lives on hold for normal pursuits and fulfillments of any kind for all these decades is a type of robbery.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Anyone who thinks the world is worse and worse simply hasn't studied any history.

    This is THE BEST time for a human being to be alive and the comparison isn't even remotely close.

  • dozy

    Sadly I know of many middle aged & older childless couples who are broken hearted that they never had any children because the "end of the system was so close" or because world conditions are so bad (in reality the outlook for children is far better nowadays than it was years ago in many ways). One ex-pioneer sister had a nervous breakdown in her mid 40's when she belatedly tried to have ivf and it didn't work.

  • WTWizard

    How many people made this decision back in the 1940s, or 1960s, and now regret it? It might be fine if it is 1969, and you are absolutely sure the end was coming in 1975. If it does in fact come in 1975, a person could then use the last few years to prepare (real prepare, not pio-sneer) for the actual end. Then, they would be able to have children in 1976 and beyond.

    However, when they keep lying about the end, this is impossible. In 1969, they were hounding people to put off having children because the end was supposed to come in 1975. Nothing happened then. So, they have to continue putting it off. Anyone that was 18 in 1969 is now 60. How often do you hear of mothers able to bear a family starting at age 60? Yet, still they wait, hoping for the end. By the time another 25 years passes, they are 85 and probably close to death (if not already there). And they are told that, in the resurrection, not only would they not be able to have children, not only would their marriage be dissolved, BUT THEY COULDN'T MARRY AT ALL! Still waiting?

  • MrFreeze

    I bet kids love to hear from their parents that the parents wish they had never been born. Love you too mom and dad!

  • blondie

    In Russell's time they expected they would all go to heaven in 1914 when the end came and there was the consideration of who would take care of the kids when that time came. You had to be a baptized member to go to heaven, and young children baptism was not a practice then (hey they didn't even have "family" studies or that young children had to attend meetings. I know an older sister who remembered their all being put to bed in another room when they had the meeting at someone's home.

    Once again in Rutherford's time, he taught that the end was coming in 1925 and they would all go to heaven, and who would take care of the kids.

    But now as the "end" is farther and farther away from 1975 (36 years) or even 1995 (end of 1914 generation teaching) 16 years and counting, being childless is not pushed as it was back then. And only 11,000 jws out of 7 million expect to go to heaven. Different perspective. No need to worry about who will take care of the kids.

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