So what do ya'll think about the recent new light?

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  • Mary

    Here's what the "new light" actually sounds like. This was taped at last Saturday's convention:

  • Sapphy

    Discussing the noolite with JW 'friends' I get the bunny in headlight look. The most common reaction is "oh, that's what I thought it was all along".

    It's such a minor change it's hardly worth talking about, let alone making several million people do a three week leaflet campaign to drum up interest in such an anti-climax.

  • Gayle

    wow, discreetslave, thx for info,,the WTS justifies depression, as just another identifier of a true Christian, or more specifically identifier of JWs. Sad,,extremely sad.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    STGEORGEOFENGLAND - I heard the 900 years left thing I believe twice on Friday: once in a talk. And once in the closing prayer.

    Then again on Sunday. Both bethel speakers.

    Again, they're playing to a home crowd in upstate ny, maybe they're just throwing it out to see what happens.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Thanks for that BOC. I never heard anything on Friday of that nature and I have also listened to St Ynot's MP3 uploads. I will try again tomorrow.


  • Acluetofindtheuser

    This new light was meant to attract inactive ones to the convention. After hearing the new detail about the toes I thought it was anti-climatic. Maybe the future watchtower article will have more juicy details.

    The new light that comes to the watchtower should not just come from the governing body members. The anointed remnant are supposed to contribute to any new understandings. The governing body are supposed to read the letters from the anointed remnant and determine if their material is worthy of publication in a watchtower or new book. I'm note sure how the organization filters out letters coming into the branch offices. They probably get a lot of hate mail and apostate propaganda. They must have list of addresses from those that claim to be anointed outside of bethel.

    A number of years ago I found out one brother was anointed. He wasn't a MS or an elder. The one thing I found out was that he continually wrote letters to the society. He didn't disclose what their reply letters were like or if they did any in the first place. This brother sure had some interesting theories to mention. He probably told the society about them in his letters. One of the ideas was about Pangaea which I thought was strange because that didn't have any bearing on biblical matters. Besides, at the time, I thought the Pangaea model was stupid. That was until recently when a new concept about it was mentioned on the web.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    ACLUETOFINDTHEUSER - funny you talk about the 'anointed remnant' contributing any 'new understandings.' This is EXACTLY what my wife believed up until one of our trips back from the DC this year. Our car group corrected her saying, in a very polite and tactful way, that if you actually READ the literature, you would know that there is NO NEED for the F&DS class to 'write in' because the GOVERNING BODY represents the F&DS class.

    She was flabbergasted.

    'Yes honey, they're right'

  • stillstuckcruz

    Personally I have no opinion on it. I never knew/payed attention to what it was before. But they did say at the DC that there was going to be a future WT that would go into more detail about the "new light". I'm sure many here will have fun dissecting it :)

  • stillstuckcruz

    What I don't understand is how people who know about his "new light" simply being "old light" can tolerate this. Maybe I just don't understand it all but to me, it seems this way. You have old light, turned into new light, which then goes BACk to old light. Since(I'm assuming) this is a teaching completely unique to JW's, that would mean that God purposefully decieved them into creating that new light in the first place. If this was Gods organization and he is supposedly "feeding" the GB with his holy spirit to provide new and CORRECT light to his followers, there should ONLY have been a new light....and not a falling back to the original. Does anyone agree with what I'm saying?

  • average joe
    average joe

    Does no one have a link to listen to this alledged understanding of 900 years and the last power is the anglo american world power?

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