So what do ya'll think about the recent new light?

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  • shamus100

    Wow, what a stunning development at the DC.

    Did they have to have paramedics on standby for the older ones when the dramatic bomb was dropped?

    I mean really, what kind of drugs do people take to stay in the group? Oh, yeah, I forgot. Anti-depressants. Got it.

  • designs

    What did Prince Andrew get fired for saying 'Game On'.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    The other 'new light' I heard at my DC was with regards to us already being almost 100 years in to Christ's 1k reign, only 900 years to go!

    Did anyone else notice this at their DC or did we just get a couple rogue bethelite speakers at ours?

  • moshe

    The last world power, will be the country that has the last barrels of oil for sale.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    This thread shows the 'new light' up for what it is.. Full marks to Mad Sweeney for all the work :)

  • mouthy


    But the prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything
    I have NOT commanded him to say,or a prophet who speaks in
    the name of other gods,must be put to death.
    You may say to yourselves "how can we know when a message
    has not been spoken by the LORD?"
    If what a prohet proclaims in the nameof the Lord does not take place
    or come true,that is a message the Lord has NOT spoken.That prophet
    has spoken presumptuously .DO NOT BE AFRAID of HIM"

  • stillin

    my issue with all of that is that the "march of world powers" only pertains to the ones that were directly involved in relation to "God's people" throughout history. Obviously, there have been many other more powerful empires. It was good that the speaker acknowleged that.

    So what makes the Anglo-American so special, since today, God's people are supposed to be a global organization? Would God have really cared whether the printing was done in Oslo or Istanbul or Tokyo?

  • designs


    Treaty of Versailles and Bretton Woods

  • stillin


    I have no qualms with the globally-accepted greatness of the USA. But what special relationship is there to God's people

  • designs


    From the Bible Students viewpoint and the JWs they saw this dominance as fulfilling Daniel and Revelation, God supposedly moving the great Nations to the final showdown. Both Russell and Rutherford and Franz believed in a form of Providence. They believed they were called and special and here they were in America which had ties to Britian so the dots were neatly connected (at least in their minds).

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