So what do ya'll think about the recent new light?

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  • discreetslave

    I sat there thinking I knew it. I never bought the 10 toes reasoning before. The explanation they gave is a polished rehash of 78-85 understanding.

    Breakfast of Champions -- I didn't hear that point, that's interesting . Then again This was my first convention being mentally free so I tuned out or got out of my seat a lot.

    Designs - You hit it in the head.

    At the DC I went to they got into the anointed suffering from depression. That depression is normal for a servant of God. This struck me as odd because this is the same religion who use to say depression is a symptom of poor spirituality. If you do all that is required as a witness you shouldn't be depressed. Then how do they balance anointed and depression with new partakers and mental or emotional imbalance. So are they saying you can suffer from depression & be anointed but you can't be anointed if you have any other mental illness?

    What a tangled web one weaves when one first practices to deceive.

  • shamus100

    I think it's safe to say that they just don't know what they are talking about - at the best of times.

    Flip flop, flip, flop, hoya hoya hoya hoya hoya hoya hoya....

    Kind of like free love in the 60's. If it feels good, do (or say) it. Whatev's... Jehober is inspiring me... (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

  • NewChapter

    I thought we never signed the Treaty of Versailles. Wilson helped develop it, but congress refused to ratify it. I was told it's one of the reasons we are not France's favorite.

    other 'new light' I heard at my DC was with regards to us already being almost 100 years in to Christ's 1k reign, only 900 years to go!

    WHAT???? I didn't hear about this. Are there more details? Seems like they are trying to infuse a lot of lost urgency.


    You know, the thing they were talking about in the 2011 DC. It was about how the "toes" of Daniel's image
    no longer represent all the individual governments that have come around in human history......stillin9

    The Recent New Light is Amazing..

    WBT$/JW Cattle gather at WBT$/JW Assembys around the world,at great expense to themselves..

    To find out Imaginary Toes,on an Imaginary Statue..

    Don`t mean anything..

    JW Cattle..

    Think thats something to Moo about!..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    NEWCHAPTER - I seem to be the only one here who heard this, at least twice from different bethel speakers on Friday and sunday, I believe. Maybe I was hearing things but I don't think so.

    I'll try to discreetly ask around to see what others heard. But I remember the Friday speaker definitely talking about a remaining 900 years.

    It does seem like they're trying to whip up some sense of urgency out of whatever tricks they've got left.

  • designs

    NC- Wilson signed the Treaty but the Senate and Congress didn't like the power given to the League of Nations. The Treaty reassigned who would dominate in the 20th century. Ironicallly enough Ho Chi Minh was there and pleaded for his country to become Independent, instead France was given power over the country and 40 years later the fight for independence led to US involvement.

  • shamus100

    There are stages of change for drug and alcohol abusers. The same is happening with the Watchtower. ;) They need to do something to whitewash the latest and greatest prophecy that jehober prophesied through the FDS and didn't come through. Seems they are having a relapse. :D

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Discreet Slave - Good point about the depression/mental illness issue.

  • Gayle

    At the DC I went to they got into the anointed suffering from depression.

    discreetslave,,who was saying that?

  • NewYork44M

    Does anyone but the Watchtower consider the Britain and the US to be a "dual world power?"

    Also, in 20 years when the world currency will be the Chinese yuan, will that change their predictions?

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