A simple way to tell God probably doesn't exist

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    visitor 525

    the Holy Spirit is our communication line with God.

    where do jws place the Holy Spirit in means of importance?

  • Heaven

    "I humbly and sincerely command you, Lord: Dance, monkey! Now, bitch!"

    He set the example by commanding us to love him. Don't use it if you don't want it used on ya.

  • Sulla

    Ah. So I see you take my point about punk-assed demands.

    In seriousness, though, I would suggest that former JWs have two problems with respect to this sort of question. First, we sometimes fall into very hasty generalizations that run something like: I was involved in a destructive and manipulative cult, therefore religion is false.

    Second, we are (perhaps by years of habit) prone to limiting our response to the weakest arguments from the other side. For example, JWs are famous for attacking the most preposterous caricature of evolution, as if beating a straw man makes their point. Unfortunately, it is also common for ex-JWs to fall into old habits when evaluating different ideas. It is lazy and unproductive, of course, but deeply ingrained habits are hard to overcome. What we should do is engage the best arguments from the other side, not the worst.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I'm with the original post by "poor places."

    Best way to find out if God, any god, exists is to ask him/her/it. If he/she/it answers then he/she/it may exist. If not, then um, apply logic liberally and repeat as necessary.

  • thetrueone

    A simple way to tell God probably doesn't exist

    Throughly study where gods came into the social conscientious within the history of humanity.

    Ancient civilizations had many gods that played a necessary role as to explain the many unknowns of the world they lived in.

    Civilizations disappeared as well as their important created and worshiped gods.

    Likewise the main god of the ancient Judeans fulfilled its role for those people as well in a effort to bring even more relevance

    to their god, they told of many grand things this god was going to do for them, such as ridding the world of all evil and sorrows.

    The human ignorance factor is a known reality that can not be denied, is it therefore worthy to rest the future of humanity soley on wishful ignorance ?

  • designs

    I always liked Rah, he seemed benevolent and cruel in the right proportions......

  • thetrueone

    There is also an obvious noted competitiveness in ancient times toward which god was most powerful and advantageous

    toward people who were to worship it.

    You might want to compare this apparent competitiveness to the many diverse religious organizations existing today.

  • mynameislame

    Is there anything God could do to make you believe in him. And if so how do you know?

  • designs

    Yes, its rather simple really- communicate to a goddamn Baptist Sunday School bus driver that he needs new brakes. How frickin simple is that!

  • thetrueone

    Is there anything God could do to make you believe in him. And if so how do you know?

    You first have to establish there is a god or set of gods/spirits, good ones and bad ones as the mythical stories goes.

    If there is no provable evidence of these gods then you have to believe in every single story of a god(s)

    through the entire history of mankind. There are many to be sure.

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