A simple way to tell God probably doesn't exist

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  • poor places
    poor places

    When's the last time you prayed to God? Did he respond?

    I prayed to him for years and years and received no response. At times, I would grasp at straws and try to interpret an experience of mine as an answer to a prayer. But it was only grasping at straws. He never responded. At times, all I would ask for is a sign. There were no signs.

    At some point, you have to ask yourself why the God you love doesn't make it obvious that he exists. Why wouldn't he? It would be so easy for an omnipotent God. If he plans on destroying billions of people because they have no faith, why doesn't he give them a chance to have faith? God would know that people believe in what they see. So why doesn't he appeal to the eyes?

    Maybe I put too much stock in the God of the Bible. Maybe God just doesn't care. But that's unlikely. I would expect a God to care more than we do, since he would have much more power to improve conditions on planets.

    If this offends some, I'm sorry. But that's just how I see it.

  • bohm

    Which god out of the many hundreds of alleged gods are you refering to?

    A name might help.

  • poor places
    poor places

    @ Gladiator,

    Mainly Jehovah and/or Yahweh, but I guess any God will do. Why doesn't the God give evidence of his or her existence if he or she is omnipotent? Why not make it a little easier for people?

  • poor places
    poor places

    @ Bohm,



    He never responded. At times, all I would ask for is a sign. There were no signs.

    There is a clue here somewhere.

  • poor places
    poor places

    @ Gladiator

    What do you mean? Where is the clue?

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Just because God didn't give you a personal invitation for whatever it is you're looking for, you think He doesn't exist? Did you want to be spoon fed too?

    I've never personally met my great, great, great grandfather from the south of France. Does that mean he didn't exist? I've seen historical documents about him, but never met him.....wonder if he ever existed?

  • ballistic

    Poor Places, if this life is a place we choose to come, maybe to experience or learn, it wouldn't be good to get answers from beyond. It would be like cheating or wasting the whole point of coming here in the first place.

    We live, we grow, we learn. We experience music, love and pleasure, and we become. These things take time because time is the nature of our existance even if it seems frustrating at times.

    I don't think god is quite the person we were told he is, but you don't need to let go of him yet. There is a god, but it involves all of us.

  • poor places
    poor places

    @ Sam Whiskey

    Your great great grandfather isn't God. He wouldn't have the ability to answer your prayers, mainly because he is dead. God would have that ability, according to believers, because he is alive and omnipotent.

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