How Many on JWNet are still JWs?

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  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Technically still in. Attend a meeting about every 6 weeks. Wife and kids even less. I'm the "spiritual" one I guess. Keeps my elderly JW parents who live in another state somewhat happy to think we'll all be in the Paradise Zoo together. Will likely continue this charade as long as they are alive.

    Also, it keeps up enough appearances to be able to do a little bit of seed planting here and there with other JW relatives.


  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    I am an active JW.

  • iamwhoiam

    Mentally/Psychologically exited years ago. Physically still in and "serving" as an MS. Family would disown me if I left....emotional blackmail. I was raised a JW. While i'm still in...I can't help but chuckle inside at the crap slung by the R&F (e.g. overlapping) as well as at those who hang-on to their every word under the delusion that life does not exist outside of the organization; of course, most religions claim that.

    A Few Observations: People are complaining more about the little things which shows me they harbor resentment over the big things but wont say. Most of the new baptismal canidates are children of already believing parents. Depression is on the rise especially with those who have been in for a long time since none of the things they were led to believe (and slaved for over the years) are coming to fruition. People are more and more looking for signs of the great tribulation and making false assumptions (e.g. we have been having some really bad weather lately, it must be the end..let's get busy in field service). Most of the new comers are extremely uneducated, physically impaired, or have major mental problems...targets of oppertunity for those who live for the ministry. No one really takes their assignments seriously and the majority of brothers as well as young ones have no intention of reaching out...not good for all the leading brothers who are up there in age. Sisters are now handling the microphones even though there are a sufficient amount of brothers.

    Assessment: It's only a matter of time

    Something I saw recently: another organization (been around since the 60's) that claims they are the only true to add to the pile i guess. a critical site of the above organization.

    A nice read on wikipedia:

  • afreeman

    I'm still in for family (still live with my parents). I will leave, eventually; when I have the chance.

  • PaintedToeNail

    I'm still attending. Don't know if I'm in good standing-never had the sense to keep my mouth closed and my thoughts to myself.

  • umadevi

    Ex Jw for the past few weeks

  • MrDarkKnight

    Inactive, no guilt, would rather die than go I have been in 30 years...

  • flipper

    I haven't attended meetings in almost 8 years. And I feel happy as a lark. I still believe in the truth. But I believe in MY truth. I have found the truth within myself. I am the epitome of truth. And I tell JW's that when they've asked me " When are you coming back to the truth ? " I've told them , " I DO have the truth ! I AM truth ! I'm a very truthful person ! " I think it freaks them out . They cannot wrap their minds around any OTHER version of what they consider to be " truth ". It's inconceivable to them that someone could find truth outside of any WT society source.

    Truth is I've been happier and have had more fulfillment these last 8 years than ANY time in the 44 years I was in it from birth

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Mentally free, physically trapped. flying under the radar for the moment.

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    Not to derail the thread but something above made me scratch my head. iamwhoiam, you said, Sisters are now handling the microphones even though there are a sufficient amount of brothers. Without giving too much away as to your identity, can you expound on a region where this is being done? I'm from a small area that needs help in many of the congregations but the brothers have yet to approve the sisters for anything of this sort. The only thing being done in our area is having the sisters help out with behind the scenes stuff, like helping with territory records and supply orders.

    And to be clear, I think the sisters should have equal opportunity in the congregation. The Organization is not set up that way, though.

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