Would You Be Shocked If You Found Out That A JW That YOU Knew Was Here?

by minimus 72 Replies latest jw friends

  • undercover

    Shocked? No, not anymore.

    Maybe at one time, but so much has gone down in the JW world in the last 10-15 years, that it has contributed to people questioning and doubting. And when, not if, but when they finally Google JWs, this place is going to be come up near the top of the searches.

  • baltar447

    Yes, a few years back there were two of my friends one faded and the other DA'd with a bang. I told my fader friend recently that I knew he was on here years ago, now he knows that I'm fading too. It was funny my fader friend even wrote a couple threads about me.

  • NomadSoul

    I would be surprised if I found someone who I knew. The chances of that are pretty slim.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I would be shocked actually. Well, to qualify, I would be shocked if they actually showed themselves.

    I would not be surprised to find that some I have known might lurk here time to time, however. I once encountered a 'stalker' of sorts here, someone with enough personal information [shared mostly by PM] that there was no doubt of that. But she [or I think it was she from some of our brief contact] would not step into the light and be fully identified.

    Was I ONCE that frightened of this place? Well, I suppose I was. WOW. But that is not really surprising to me. Jw's are cowards in general. Afraid of God. Afraid of Satan. Afraid of demunz. Afraid to die. Afraid to live. Afraid of growing old. Afraid of personal decisions. Afraid of personality. Afraid to explore, learn or love unconditionally.

    Still - I wish they were here. I wish it every day. For them, not for me.


  • ambersun

    I would be absolutely delighted to find someone I knew and would offer friendship and support if they wanted it

    That is, of course, provided they did not turn out to be sneaky JWs who would tell my family what I am up to here. Then I would be in deep doodoo

  • minimus

    I do think more than a few JWs or some well respected Witnesses come here regularly and lurk.

  • minimus

    be careful

  • sd-7

    Not really. I've given a ton of identifying information. If they find out, goooooooooooood........know the power of the dark side....heh heh heh ha heh heh heh!


  • fade_away

    That would be amazing! Especially if it's a family member. It would be so cool if my elder father or MS brother were here secretly fighting the system. Awkward but cool.

    I did find my wife's cousin on here. I wasn't surprised cause she was having a rough time as a JW.

  • Ding

    It would be great.

    So many JWs feel all alone and have no idea who they can trust.

    It would be nice to connect with them f2f.

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