religion only to do with belief?

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  • Curtains

    as Jehovahs witnesses we were taught that the truth (belief) unifies every aspect of our lives and is of paramount importance. Are other like religions like this also? Do they emphasize belief to the same extent?

    please tell me what you think?

    the thing that caught mu eye about godrulz is that he says he is pentecostal. Pentecostalism imo is about performance, theatricity and participation rather than about belief and yet here he is emphasizing belief????? but his presence/discussions have has raised the above question for me.

  • Curtains

    no takers??

    my case study re is religon only to do with belief is going to be based on pentecostalism. please join my study whether you agree or disagree. atheists, believers agnostics, Jehovahs witnessses welcome

    my initial reserarch into pentecomstalisms suggests that it is a very lively way of worship. Most pentecostals attend church regularly and they are mostly of afro carribean ethnicity in Britain and the US. Australia, Europe, S America - I don't know. I don't think they are very big in Asia and China or anywhere else in the East. Joy and grace are foregrounded. Denzel Washington is evangelical.

    Has anyone here visted a pentecostal church and if you did how did you find it - doctrine oriented or full on involvement in lively worship.

  • Curtains

    well i am quite capable of doing my own research but would have liked some input from you guys and gals here.

    top of my list of course will have to be a visit to a pentecostal gathering. I'm familiar with youtube's over the top healings etc but I don't think this is what pentecostalism is really about. Nor is the JW depiction that Pentecostalism is demonic close to reality.

    what I would particularly like to know is does pentecostalim have any relationship to what people do rather than to what people believe. JWs who remain JWs despite doubts about beliefs may see their religion as being more about what one does than about beliefs (although beliefs are hammered home at each meeting). If this is the case then it may be nice to know that other religions are similar and there is nothing to fear

  • leavingwt

    Christianity in general places great emphasis on CORRECT belief. With the high-control groups within Christianity, the emphasis can be even greater, often combined on strict rules of conduct.

  • Concerned JW
    Concerned JW

    All forms of belief have structure and certain boundaries. It could be argued that Atheism is a form of social religion which looks to people such as Richard Dawkins as spiritual leaders for guidance. A lot of Religions have grown from philosophical origins like buddhism, Taoism that have added spiritual practises to their beliefs and come to worship their originators.

    Jews, Christians and Muslims all have roots from the Bible and claim their main beliefs originate with the bible. That being said you have noticed as with Pentacostals that some of their practises are drawn from outside the bible. Like having a lively spectacle based religion that are designed to be very popular and entertaining.

    Jehovah's witnesses are a Christian branch of monotheistic belief in Jehovah Almighty God the father alone and are drawn from the bible truths that were thought to have died out in the early centuries. When the then ruling Trinitarian Christians systematically and deliberately went on a seek and destroy mission on all remnants or resurgence of this belief. This christian branch finally flourished again when the bonds of trinitarianism where weakening in the 19th century to eventually become the Jehovah's witnesses we know today uniquely monotheistic to Jehovah God and using his name, specifically identifying themselves as Jehovah's People.

    The biblical point that there would be a group of people identifiable as God's people by their adherance to his word is something everyone must decide for themselves when checking on a Religion's claims against the Bible (God's word). Many People reject any belief in the bible or religious leanings but they do still have set patterns of belief molded by modern culture, thoughts and popular celebrations.

  • cantleave

    Is the reniaa reincarnated?

  • leavingwt
    The biblical point that there would be a group of people identifiable as God's people

    If God always has an organization, then why didn't Pastor Russell FIND and JOIN it?

    (a) God hasn't always had an organization

    (b) God has more than one organization

    If (a) is correct, then is it possible that God doesn't have an organization today?

    If (b) is correct, why the obsession with an American printing corporation?

  • leavingwt
    Is the reniaa reincarnated?

    No matter the indentity of the JW apologist, he or she can start threads that will get at least 20 pages, if history tells us anything.

  • Curtains

    thanks guys for your help. I will reply to each one later this evening

  • Rocky_Girl
    my case study re is religon only to do with belief is going to be based on pentecostalism.

    If you are going to make a sweeping statement about what religion is based on, you should research more than one sect of one branch of one religion. In my opinion, religion is more about lifestyle than belief. There is a large group of "believers" who are not well versed in what their religion teaches, yet feel attached by the way of life that is connected to that religion. Only high control, fundamental religions are so obsessed with their followers accepting every doctrine and belief.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't case studies supposed to provide all of the information about a certain situation and allow the person/people reading the study to come to a conclusion based on the information? If you are researching and writing a paper to prove a point, then you are writing an essay or thesis. So, are you writing a case study, or an essay or thesis of some sort?

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