Car Full of JW's while I'm at the Car Wash............

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  • PSacramento

    Your ego got bruised Terry, happens to the best of Us Bro.

    Pride goeth before the fall and all that.

    You can't win an argument with someone that refuses to argue back.

  • tracylee

    Terry, you can't have a battle of the wits with an unarmed opponent. You can't wax theological with someone who is in their own personal coma.

    In the nearly 10 years since I've been free, I haven't run into a JW yet. I don't know how I'd react. I doubt I'd even have time to react; my husband would start foaming at the mouth in rabid anger and run them off, LOL!

  • ziddina

    Uhm, Terry... Even tho you may feel like you didn't react in an effect way, I think that your gut reaction was so honest that it probably got through - perhaps not consciously, but somewhere in their minds something went "Ding! That's what I THOUGHT had also happened to Brother/Sister weak-in-the-cult/stopped-going-without-explanation..."

    Your extremely forthright reaction was probably as good as anything you could have planned to say... You just didn't have the chance to present them with difficult questions, as you would normally do.

    If I had heard your account while I was a JW, it would have increased that queasy, uneasy feeling that was always nagging about in the back of my head... [But I already knew 1975 was a bust - I lived thru that time as a JW!!]


  • Terry

    I remember telling my (former) best friend (JW) when he asked me "Why don't you come back?"

    I said: "Johnny, it has been over 20 years and in all that long time NOT ONE Jehovah's Witness has ever offered to help me, encourage me

    or demonstrate a hand's on concern about that."

    He seemed offended and replied "That's what I'm doing!"

    I told him, "All you do is speak some words, John. If the situation was in reverse and I thought you were in danger of losing your everlasting life, I'd be down on my knees begging you to come back."

    He seemed sort of stunned.

    But, I think what I told him was true. He was my BEST friend in the whole world. I'd move heaven and earth to help him.

    And all I got from him was a few words!!

  • moshe

    New Floor mats, Terry you need these floor mats for your car and house - JWs won't bother you again--

  • Nobleheart

    Sorry to hear that Terry.

    As other posters have said, your experience resonates with most of us here. Personally I still find it unnerving going by close to my old KH's territory, when it's probable JWs are around. I purposefully go shopping elsewhere so I don't meet one of their condescending, disappointed stares.

    You didn't come off as the angry apostate, on a mission to divert their faith. You were sincere and respectful. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

    And remember: You were out washing your car, they were out promoting a cult...spreading lies.

  • Scully


    Here is where I'd love to say that I said some withering, devastating remark that zonked him good. But, I came up empty. Just when I needed my famous quick wit. I had I was lost in my adrenal glands, instead.

    You didn't need to end with a zinger, Terry. You told him the truth about why you were DFd. He believes with all his heart that "we don't disfellowship people for that!" But your sincerity, your refusal to go back after they kicked you out for doing what needed to be done to protect your children, is going to bug the living $h!t out of him, like the blackbirds who left their calling cards all over your vehicle.

    BTW, you do know that birds love to take a crap on freshly washed cars, right? The reflection of the sunshine on your car makes them think they are over water, which is their usual natural "loo".

  • Gorbatchov

    Scary how programmed JW's are, we were brainwashed! It took my years to become myself again and stop listening to those idiots. Although I visit the KH sometimes for keeping up family relations, I hate this religion! It's very hard to stay away for ever, because I don't want to lose my children and some important family relations... I wish i'm once reaching a point to say goodbye to this instant and insane religion.

  • donny

    Good post Terry. You handled that situation well and I'm not sure I could have done so. I have had several visits this year but unforntunatley most of them were JW's who were not well versed in English and they did not undertand the questions I was asking of them, or they were just stopping by to hand out an invite to a special talk, memorial or the District Convention.

  • BluesBrother

    It is kind of like that old song about "Hotel California" - "You can check out any time you want but you can never ever leave!"

    The power THEY have to still reach me on some hidden point that hides in the corners of my very being..

    Around here I am too well known by the local dubs to be actively witnessed to, although they will be friendly and sociable in conversation. I was in the City a few weeks back and spied a "sister" doing street work. I did not know her, she did not know me. Part of me wanted to engage her in conversation with some searching questions...but, well I was late for where I was going and , and....the opportunity passed by. I have looked again but not seen her again.

    This Bro was a real plonker wasn't he? All he needed to say was that "I am sorry to hear that, Please remember that the Kingdom HAll door is always open to you...good day." To argue with you about the cause of your own d/f was plain stupid

    BTW I hope that a cup of Starbuck's finest did a lot to help compose yourself

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