Car Full of JW's while I'm at the Car Wash............

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  • sizemik

    I think these people, dressed up like they're going to the Stork Club for martinis, don't want to get out of the air-conditioned car.

    I also think you did pretty well Terry. Somtimes coming out the clear winner in a witted exchange is not the best outcome anyway . . . although it leaves you in a better state comfort wise.

    They remind me of the inhabitants of a sieged city . . . firing arrows over the wall at random without even facing the enemy. You simply stared back, honestly and innocently with that arrow sticking out of your chest and said . . . this is what you did to me . . . . why? They basically replied . . . because your a liar and probably deserved it.

    Of course that will leave you disturbed . . . but let them have their "city" . . . "they probably deserve it."

  • designs

    Gestalt reaction.

  • steve2

    The male JW said JW things the way JWs do. It can hurt to be reminded of that harsh fact, especially when we are just going about our ordinary everyday lives.

    Sometimes, when we least expect it, we harbour a tender hope that at least one JW will say something genuinely empathic and caring to us. There's nothing wrong with that hope - it shows we are human and that we care about the way we treat other humans. Terry did hugely well under the sudden circumstances.

  • GLTirebiter

    Terry, I think you did well. You told them the truth straight from the heart, without being the rabid "apostate" they are watching out for. You gave a good witness (sorry!) to that entire car group. They are more likely to hear some of what you said, because their defenses weren't on high alert the whole time.

  • Lozhasleft

    Aw Terry your post has made me sad for you. I totally relate to how you felt. I think you did really well and kept your dignity. They dont have any dignity or else they couldnt treat fellow humans they way they're forced to. Sending you big hugs and a for speaking up for so many of us.

    Loz x

  • moshe

    Terrry , JWs are rehearsed- mosy X-Jws aren't prepared. I wasn't on top of my game going toe to toe with Jws in the begining, but I kept at it and in short order I learned how to control the encounters. JWs never get the advantage now over me. Still, to made a defense and you did better than you know. The fact is the JW took off and didn't enter the fray- you ran them off- you won the battle.

  • designs


    If these JWs really cared about people who have left they'd offer to visit and study and genuinely befriend the lapsed JW. I was saddened as I left just how little people I had known for 5 decades cared. What a wake up call that was.

  • dm6

    He was white-haired with glasses and had a sort of Insurance Salesman smile.

    Oh this made me LOL!


    I was moved by your post Terry. You handled yourself very well and kept their attention long enough to make some very poignant remarks.

    You have so many emotions bound up with circumstances which the Watchtower Society is culpable for. When confronted with their representatives, it is understandable that you would have a mild cathartic reaction. Painful as the incident was, it has helped you to release some of that suppressed pain and anger and given you a chance to validate yourself.

    Like so many people on this forum I understand because I have been there – and back. We move on but we can never forget. However objective we try to be, we are our life’s experience.

  • TotallyADD

    Good job Terry. This is the one thing I know I will have to deal with when the misses and I open up our donut shop. JW coming in for donuts or trying to give me a WT. I dread the day that happens. But I know I will be able to handle it pretty much like you did. From the heart. At lease you did not get angry with them. That is my big fear I have is I will get angry with them. What you went through is very human. You felt out of control. But really you showed great control by just stating the facts. And you let the facts speak for themselves. Your hurt is deep and that is what you are feeling. Those of us who have been victims of this cult I feel will have to bare this kind of pain for the rest of our lifes. Take care you did good. Totally ADD

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