Car Full of JW's while I'm at the Car Wash............

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  • Joliette

    Always happen at the more weird times, encountering a witness.

  • MrMonroe

    They do catch you unawares. I've encountered them twice, I think, since I left: a guy came to my door to offer me a tract when they were doing some dump campaign to keep them all busy and I just said, "Ah, no thanks."

    A few weeks ago I was unloading groceries from the trolley into the back of my car when I heard a woman behind me say, "Excuse me." I thought she wanted my trolley, but she was holding out a pamphlet and I said, "Ah, no thanks."

    Both times it took me about 10 seconds to think, "Hey, what I should say now is ...." but it was too late. I'll do it one day. A waste of breath I know, but I'll do it.

  • Heartofaboy

    In my imagination I was there with you Terry as I read your account of what happened, very well written.

    I hope I could be as polite as you were when being told 'Jehovah's witnessess wouldn't do that'.

  • thetrueone

    Terry Really ?

    Whenever I come across a JWS that I knew or didn't know, I think more of pity and a bit disgust.

    Add, quite happy and relieved that I'm involved with that organization any more.

  • Snoozy

    Terry, I'm sorry they still seem to have a hold on your emotions..

    I also have encountered their response that "They (The Elders etc) are only men and god will judge their hearts"..speech when faced with comments about their behavior!

    It does sound like you answered from your heart tho..hopefully that made an impression on their hearts and will get them thinking ..

    Sorry they shook you up so to speak..hopefully the day will come when you realize they are just people and not to be feared..


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises


    You showed true strength of character in that situation. It says so much about you as a man.

    You did good.

  • yrkdnme

    I think you did great. I agree with Violia, they're drones. Everything they say is by wrote, and they are programmed with the appropriate responses just about anything remember. It's much harder to be a "free thinker." Anyone can just dole out practiced responses, but it takes freedom of mind to make true and honest responses which is what you did! I'm sorry you had to mess up your day this way!! I bet that Starbuck's made you feel much better tho! Have a wonderful day!

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I think you did fantastic.

    You spoke the truth. They definitely were not speaking truth while out in field circus.

  • willyloman

    On the other hand, you could have stopped him at the start, said "no thanks" and walked away. But you'd have felt bad for missing an opportunity to leave a mark. By following your instinct to be polite and truthful you made quite an impression, believe me. I attribute my own decision to leave the dub fold to things people said that made me think. If one of the five in that car has a brain and some lingering doubts, they will not soon forget what you said.

    Did you say everything you wish you'd said, exactly the way you wished you had? Of course not. But you were you, and the you that you are now is a decent, compassionate human being on an incredible spiritual journey. They can't take that away from you.

  • looloo

    terry , you did great in your response , i always start to shake like a leaf when i spot one and actually taliking to them makes me panic but i usually try to talk to them with respect also im sure it works better than being rude ! i would love to read a book of yours ! well done x

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