Watchtower and Pets – a Picture

by Marvin Shilmer 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • snakeface

    The pets issue was a MAJOR deal-breaker for me. The elders even told me to "get rid" of my dogs so I could spend more time in the ministry (even though I was putting in about 26 hrs/month and working 55 hrs week and taking care of my house and handling at least 2 meeting parts a week and doing the accounts and being available for last minute public talks); I told them to "get rid" of their unbelieving grown children and grandchildren first. I told them that their children have "turned their backs on Jehovah yet you prefer to spend time with them and their children rather than pioneer. Explain to me how Jehovah must feel about that; then we can talk about my dogs who did not need a ransomer."

  • kazar

    Good and funny post NewChapter. Sounds like my house. And Snakeface, I want you as my spokesman.

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