Watchtower and Pets – a Picture

by Marvin Shilmer 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • sabastious

    Letting them inside? I gotta read this article for the lolz.


  • MrFreeze

    Talk about out of touch. It's really quite remarkable just how ridiculous this religion is.

  • afreeman


    You'll never find such an article because it does not exist. What I posted was said in the pioneer school, and given the nature of its conductors this could have been a regional thing, something they just added.

  • EmptyInside

    I remember they had an article on pets in an Awake over a decade ago. The tone was very anti-pet. It was disturbing to me. And they even recommended teaching your children the facts of life by watching a cat or dog have kitten or puppies. I'm glad someone wrote in and said that was irresponsible because of the pet overpopulation. Bethel should at least have a cat around the offices,but it's a cold,callous place.

  • talesin

    Yes, to my father (3rd gen he was), animals in the house were verboten. We did have a cat, but it was NOT allowed on the furniture. And definitely NO MONEY spent on veterinary care.

    The animals are a lower form of life,,, given to us by J*h to use as we wish ... they do not think, they do not feel, they are nothing important, and loving your pets is JUST SICK! (heavy sarcasm)


  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    There was an article in the awake! in the 70's about dogs. The Society didnt have anything good to say about them. Three pages of anti-dog preaching.

    I was a little kid at the time, but i remember it clearly because I got one of the worst beatings of my life over that damn article. Stepdad demanded that I read it, and I did, but he did not believe me. And he really wanted to impresss upon me the societys opinion of dogs.

    There was also a number of times at assemblies where they would disparagh any kind of pets. That cute little kitty is a thief stealing your time from Jehovah.

  • designs

    Today we got news that a Mountain Lion was roaming in our neighborhood, should we let the cat stay outside tonight.

  • avengers
  • NewChapter

    Today we got news that a Mountain Lion was roaming in our neighborhood, should we let the cat stay outside tonight

    LOL, depends on which cat you mean. I'd be good with the Mountain Lion staying outside tonight! Of course if your cat is bad ass, he may take care of the mountain lion problem!

    My dogs can hear the lion roar (I live near the zoo) and they start growling and barking with their hackles up. It's funny. Wonder who would win the fight?


  • Free!!

    U gotta be kidding me!!! stupid, ignorant, good for nothing, playing god @$$es... i am reading this as i lay on my bed with BOTH my DOGS next to me!!!

    If an elder, or anyone in the congo EVER would have asked me to not kick my pets out of the house, i would have tell them to shove it....

    Sorry, but my pets are my babies! i am not crazy or unbalance but they have giving me the love and loyalty the idiots at the WTBTS have not!!

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