Watchtower and Pets – a Picture

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  • palmtree67

    I remember around the mid-'90s (?), a circuit overseer at an assembly railing against loving our pets excessively.

    I distinctly remember him belittling people who called their pets - their "baby".

    He said doing that was like a human couple saying to Jehovah "Look at the baby we produced, Jehovah!" and commenting that it would be disgusting to Jehovah, an indication of beastiality.

    I remember thinking at the time, "Why would it offend Jehovah if humans got attached to a creature that he created in part, for our pleasure?" And I thought they hadn't done any research on the many emotional benefits of owning a pet, or had never watched small children play with puppies......

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    MY father kicked small puppies down the cellar stores. It seems strange for an adult male to be locked in combat with puppies and kittens. I could not but notice that he always attacked small dogs. He never took on a Rotweiller, Sherpherd or pit bull.

    When he died, and we left the Witnesses, we were given a puppy as a condolence gift. The entire family lavished attention on the puppy. She had spunk. Her m.o. was to be the alpha in the family. I lived near the Amish and their dog breeding for money. They have no concept of dogs or cats as pets.

    Music, pets, fashion, housekeeping - all these items divert from Field Service. Christ's love shone clearly through Rascal.

  • undercover
    A few years ago this very thing was repeated in the pioneer school. They basically said that pets should not be allowed inside the house, if at all.

  • NewChapter

    I know that some people get a bit unbalanced with their pets. But is that worship? That's crazy.

    Take my little dogs for instance. I'm actually the master! They actually worship ME. I am GOD over them. They live with a constant awareness of my whereabouts. They beg me for food, I bless them. They beg to go outside, I bless them. They beg to crawl under the blankies, I bless them. Yes I am the god in this house! And as I crawl under the bed to reach the lost doggie toy in the back corner, I understand they do MY bidding. As I fluff up that special little pillow and arrange it just so under Petie's chin, I know who's boss! Yes....when I go outside and chase away a squirrel so that the dogs will quit barking but won't listen to me---I'm fully aware of who is in control.

    I feed them so they don't eat ME. I keep them happy because I know the only thing seperating me from eternity is a well-placed Jack Russell on a step. Yes---I don't worship them. NO.


  • man in black
    man in black

    when I left the jw's I trained my Australian Shephard to be a therapy dog. She has her own nametag, and access to area's of the hospital that I can only get to if she is with me.

    One time, we were waiting to get on the elevator on a Sunday afternoon. Suddenly there was a child just screaming bloody murder from the ER.

    My dog is not allowed into this dept. but one of the nurses had seen us walking earlier and she came running out of the ER, she grabbed my shoulder and litterally pulled me down the hall. I told her that we cannot go into the ER, but she said "don't worry, your dog is needed NOW"!

    When we got in, there was a little boy around 3-4 years old lying on a stretcher, his face all black and blue and his head was in some kind of a vice-like thing ( so he couldn't move his neck I guess). When I picked my dog up, and he saw her the crying just stopped,after petting her for a minute or two he started smiling and giggling.

    Then we visited several cancer patients upstairs who really enjoyed my dog.

    Afterwards we strolled back into the ER to see how the boy was doing, but he was sound asleep, his Mother who was totally exhausted just looked at me and smiled.

    That was a really powerful example to me showing how important animals can be. Perhaps if the wt powers that be actually looked outside their little compound they might see how wrong they are with their directives.

  • Magwitch

    Breakfast at my home X 3.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Man in black,

    Thanks for sharing that heartwarming experience!

    Animals are among the most effective tools for emotional healing and well-being we have. Dogs in particular are well suited for this. Anyone with a housedog that has ever been in the sickbed at home knows perfectly well the perceptive power those critters have for knowing something’s not right with a result that he/she wants to be by the master’s side to help. It’s practically miraculous what these animals are able to accomplish just being there.

    Thanks again for sharing that wonderful story.

    Marvin Shilmer

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My aunt and uncle were very active. When we had to give up our home to move to an apartment, they gained primary custody of Rascal, the family dog. Rascal adored them. She had less sibling ribvalry and much more babying. They adored her. As loyal as they were, they would not ditch Rascal. Me, yes. Rascal, never.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    When I picked my dog up, and he saw her the crying just stopped,after petting her for a minute or two he started smiling and giggling.

    A wonderful Story ManinBlack!

    I watched a tv show once about therapy dogs. This woman had several dogs that she took around to childrens hopitals and events for special needs children.

    She had one tiny chihuahua, that was paralized and ran about on his front legs with his back legs in a wheeled contraption. Most people would see no value in a dog like that. But she took that dog around to children confined to wheel chairs and they all adored him, because he was just like they were. One mother said that she took her wheelchair bound son to all the events that involved that dog because it was the only times she got to see her son smile.

    That tiny little special needs dog was worth his weight in gold.

  • truthseeker1969

    Free I agree with you whole heartedly. Have they ever thot of what God told Adam in the garden of eden of what he was responsible for, Imagine the time it took to name animals. I dont hear anything in scripture about it.

    Then if we didnt have them we would be told, take in animals as it is yout God given responsiblity.

    No win yet again

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