Have Jehovah's Witnesses (The WTBTS) taken the Best Years of your life?

by Hairyhegoat 48 Replies latest jw friends

  • wobble

    I'm so glad I left when I did, I am now entering my second childhood, and boy is this going to be one Wild Child !

  • the-illuminator81

    I could have had the most fantastic times starting from age 12.. the things i've turned down.. my youth was totally wasted. And now i'm in the middle of nowhere with only difficult hard ways out.

  • Hairyhegoat

    Here is post from another site, it's very good

    I’ll tell ya what I want back, truly. I want to have those years back with my two nephews and my niece that were taken away from me after I left the Watchtower cult way back in 1982 (the JW shunning practice). I want the time back over the last 25 years to have had a real sister (my only sibling) to go and share my personal struggles and triumphs with, instead of a sister who was mentally disabled by a mind twisting cult (and useless to me), like the Watchtower Society. I’d like to have back all the wasted time I spent growing up a JW (not by my choice), all the while having my mind deluded and controlled. I’d like to have those early years back to enjoy birthdays and Christmas’s and all the other normal things JW's aren’t allowed to enjoy or take part of because of some stupid so called “pagan origin” asinine hypocritical Watchtower induced phobia. I’d like to have back all the normal (non-JW) friends I didn’t get to meet and enjoy to spend time with. I’d like to go back in time and NOT be ridiculed for not saying the pledge of allegiance. I’d like to have back the countless hour sitting at the K’Hall listening to mind numbing irrelevant to a little kid adult babble, so I could now have memories of doing the fun things normal kids do growing up. These are just a few things I would like to have back that I lost being raised a JW, and that ain’t tongue and cheek. I mean it. These things were stolen form me. Where can I fill out the police report to get back my cherished possessions? Answer: No where. I have been violated with no recourse. All I can do is post warnings to others to avoid and stay away from this cult. And so I do ...

    The governing body should have a price on their head for messing up so many families Glad my dad got soaking wet at the Coventry DC today. It pissed it down.. lol

  • cantleave

    Glad my dad got soaking wet at the Coventry DC today. It pissed it d own.. lol


  • Hairyhegoat

    Thanks Cantleave! Remember when you could take plastic sheets and the kitchen sink and set up camp on the terraces at the DC'S. And if the kids got a bit restless you could walk around the ground and the under cover parts aswell, well you ain't allowed to do that anymore are we.. No bacon bap either. Nothing left to go for then it's all a money making meeting for the WT.


  • mummatron

    Hell no! They may have taken my childhood and my teens but they certainly haven't taken the best years of my life. My life is so much better without the guilt, unscriptural restrictions and double-standards of the bOrg. I was initially a bit angry about it in my early twenties but my perspective was very much skewed at the time by my ex-husband who was a very angry and controlling person. Yes, I missed out on having a typical childhood. We were poor and life revolved around meetings and FS. I was probably the only kid in my primary school classes who was tired on a Wednesday morning from being kept up 'til 10pm on a Tuesday night because bookstudy was held at our house. My first birthday was my 20th. I have yet to attend a Guy Fawkes Night or New Year party but I have a list to things to do and am slowly ticking them off. A few months ago I tried a medium rare steak and black pudding for the first time in my entire life and couldn't believe I'd missed out on such delicious food over such a tenuous modern day interpretation of a scripture written for Israelites living a nomadic, and somewhat unsanitary, existence in the wilderness, thousands of years ago!

    I have spent my twenties living and am continuing this trend now I'm in my 30's. Despite the fact that life has had some major hiccups for me along the way, I have done all kinds of things that I'd never have done had I still been stuck in.

    I've camped at music and biker festivals, I did ladies soccer training on a Tuesday evening, I've worked shifts, I've enjoyed a few bevvies on a Friday or Saturday night and had long lie-ins on a Saturday and Sunday. I ran 5K on a Sunday and raised money for Cancer charities whilst the JWs were doing their WT study. I've investigated Wicca and Buddhism and drawn my own conclusions. I've learned not to judge people by their appearance or allegiance - I've become acquainted with (and made friends with many of) the kinds of people we were taught to avoid - Hells Angels, Muslims, Sikhs, gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and even a transgendered person (that person had a beautiful soul, I'm so glad she got the surgery and can now be herself). Not to mention those evil apostates... I was able to give birth to two very precious little characters without fear of the blood issue and the risks to my life had I experienced a post partum haemorrhage. Those two little people are able to grow up in a household practising peaceful parenting, and not the WTBT$'s interpretation of "the rod". I have known true and lasting friendship that has overcome some serious problems thanks to forgiveness and humility - something I was told could never happen. I have found that for every vile "Worldly" person there are two or three more that are decent, kind, just, charitable and loving.

    To quote Bono...

    Free at last, they took your life
    They could not take your pride

    In the name of love!
    What more in the name of love?

    P.S. I went to Coventry DC one year. I worked it and was severly distracted from the programme by the particularly scary painting of Gordon Strachan in the Press Room!

  • Hairyhegoat

    Mummatron are you from the West midlands ? Thanks you for an amazin post !

    Take care from the HHG in Tamworth Staffs

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Unhesitatingly, yes, the #$%^*s did!

    For sure, you always try to make the best of what you have left to work with. That, however, is never going to regain what was thrown away - and I see little use in trying to kid yourself otherwise.


  • Violia

    If the net had existed in 1980 I would have started checking it out then. I wish I had those years back. So glad the net is here and those who choose to read here can.

    you go mum !!

  • mummatron

    Thank you HHG...and no I'm not from the Midlands, I'm Welsh but I do have family in that district. That particular year I just happened to be working in the same place as a brother and we couldn't both have the full 3 days off for our DC, so I arranged to go to Coventry whilst he went to Bristol a few weeks later.

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