Have Jehovah's Witnesses (The WTBTS) taken the Best Years of your life?

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  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    As much as I wish I never got baptized at 12, I feel for all of you that didn't leave till 40 50!!!! You all have guns of steal to wake up after that long. Don't get me wrong I think 33 was too long, but!!!! Good for you!!! FS

    Where there is life there is hope!

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  • TotallyADD

    Yes and No. Yes I missed out in all the holidays since I was the only JW kid in the whole school system were I was raised. Very few friends and did not know how to socialize. Force my wife and I to get married to young. Made to feel guilty about having children and working extra hours to support my family. Hated the fact I raised to child in this cult. Bot have woke up now but their wives have not. Missed so many things. But then No. At the age of 57 my wife and I have the best years of our life ahead of us. Without the overlords of the WT cult. Life is what you make of it. I feel I have many years ahead of me to make life something to look back at with pride. The anger of being a born-in into this cult will always be with me but I can show all those GB bastards they could not keep me in their throes. Starting today is the first day of my life. Totally ADD

  • yesidid

    Even though I was "in' for over sixty years, I couldn't say they took the best years..................

    Sadly, I volunteered, I happily volunteered them. Not only did I volunteer them, I thought it a privilege to do so. Crazy eh?

  • flipper

    HAIRYHEGOAT- I guess it's all in one's perspective. I too exited the JW cult almost 8 years ago at age 44 after being born in and raised in it. But did the cult take the BEST years of my life ? I'll say emphatically NO ! Because I have LIVED the best years of my life since exiting the cult 8 years ago ! I prefer to look at the positive things I've enjoyed these last few years and eagerly look forward to the positive things I'll enjoy down the road ! I'm a moving on kind of guy in my mental outlook. I think that's one reason I stay positive that mt 24 & 22 year old JW daughters will eventually wake up and exit the cult. Just gotta stay positive.

    Sure- there were lots of jobs, careers , or interests I would have pursued over the years , I'm still self employed and have a good amount of freedom of schedule and now I AM pursuing hobbies and interests I put aside while I was a JW. Without attending meetings or going in field service it leaves a hell of a lot more time to pursue those interests ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Tuesday

    No way, your years are what you make of them. I'm 30 and I can say my best years are ahead of me.

  • designs

    Me, 16-50 so that was my younger years, still life is about reinventing yourself and now ten+ years on and looking ahead I'll make of it everything I can.

  • designs

    If you ever get to worrying that the best years of your life slipped by or were taken from you think of Nelson Mandela. He spent 27 years in Prison, he will now celebrate his 93rd Birthday. He has been an inspiration to millions for his grace and integrity and growth as a human being.

    Happy Birthday Nelson

  • AGuest

    Oh, HECK, no, dear HHG (peace to you!)! I mean, haven't we given them ENOUGH? Why in the WORLD would we even give them CREDIT for "taking" the "best years" of our lives? As long as we're still living, as long as we can still draw a breath... the "best" can still be AHEAD of us. Because it's not about what we left behind, is it... but what lies ahead!

    Don't given them anything! Not a single moment, whether of your past... or your future! Look at whatever GAINS you made as a result of your association with them... and absolutely DISCARD all of the rest. Anything that wasn't of benefit!

    Otherwise, you're saying your life was in total VAIN. But how can that be? ALL life is of SOME value. So, no, it was not and is not! And so long as you're still living... you can still make a difference, somewhere... somehow.

    NO ONE should use the WTBTS... or religion in general... to stop living... if they are still alive.

    Take BACK your life... and start LIVING it!

    Again, peace to you!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • Joliette

    They took my childhood, my teens, my twenties....but they will NOT take my thirties!

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