Jesus was just a man?

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  • NewChapter

    LOL, looks like godrulz has chosen to go out with a bang. Can a point be pointless? Now I'm going to break the godrulz's command:

    Paul was the Fred Franz of his day. I mention Paul and Fred Franz in the same sentence. Fred Franz loved Paul. Paul would probably have loved Fred Franz.


  • poopsiecakes

    Don't mention them side by side.

    oooh somebody's gonna get smited!

  • Pistoff

    Of course, godrulz, I have told you my point over and over, and you don't get it.

    Jesus miracle stories and the gospels were written after Paul wrote his works.

    The miracle stories didn't exist when Paul was alive.

    And Paul may or may not have believed that Jesus was physically raised from the dead; that is my point.

    He was raised up, lifted up yes; you still worship him today, don't you? He was elevated, he has become the center of life for millions of christians.

    But Paul may NOT have ever said he was physically resurrected. Paul never says he saw Jesus; Acts says that. Paul describes it differently.

    MY POINT is that you dogmatically assert that what you believe is true, but you cannot prove it.

    The attempt you made to say that Paul quotes Jesus is not at all proof; he repeats part of the blood/flesh ritual that Paul saw among his followers.

    Paul cares not one bit what Jesus taught; no humility sayings, no standing up to religious authority, none of it.

    Paul either does not care, or doesn't know.

    Do you get it yet? Paul INVENTED christianity, not Jesus. Christians MISUNDERSTAND what the gospels mean, and the writings of Paul

    They take them out of the context of the time and circumstances of their writing.

    And now, of all things, you call me a nitwit? Is that what being born again has done for you?

    Now I know I have won the argument; you have resorted to name calling.

  • godrulz

    What is your belief/world view now? Atheism, Islam, Buddhism?

    Your view assumes that the Bible is not inspired revelation, historical narrative. Since it is, I stand on its evidence about Paul and Jesus (your theology is terrible).

    I am not allowed to talk about Jesus leading up to my execution from this site, so can we talk about the weather? It might buy me a few more hours among friends and fiends?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Comprehension fail again, Godrulz.

    'Preaching' does not equal 'discussing', which is what you are being requested to raise your standards to.

    Look them up in a dictionary and try really, really hard to understand what it actually says without trying to read something you would prefer into it.

  • godrulz

    I am on another forum and have 50K posts. Most of them are discussion, interaction. I find this forum has much WT or Christian bashing, promotion of atheism, etc. I find most do not bite on discussion about non-superficial issues and it is like pulling teeth to have a decent conversation that is not negative. I might default less to rescue mode if someone would show interest in engaging things on a more thoughtful, interesting level. But what do I know? I am the one on the chopping block.

  • NewChapter

    He doesn't have to look up the defintion. I posted both definitions for him already.

    Why didn't the disciples always recognize Jesus after he was resurrected?


  • godrulz

    Is that a question and am I allowed to give my opinion or is that preaching (change a few letters and it is teaching...can I teach, but not preach?).

    I believe WT is wrong on their conclusions about His post-resurrection appearances. Would you like to tell us what WT teaches (even if you don't believe it) and what the usual Christian view is on this? With this info we can make a decision which has stronger biblical merit even if we don't believe the Bible? Is this fun or what?

  • NewChapter

    I won't go into what the WT says, I'm no longer connected to it. The Bible says that some of his disciples did not recognize him after he was resurrected. I could paste the scriptures, but I think you know them.


  • godrulz

    Are you interested in possible answers and why? Is this a trap to get me preaching/teaching? Hint: WT believes in spirit recreation, not physical resurrection. Jesus did not manufacture temporary bodies to deceive (WT assumption). Thomas confirmed that it was Jesus Himself, nail prints and all. If there eyes were fogged over, this is different than Jesus being different. The resurrection body has continuity with the physical body, but it is not identical.

    How do people tell what sex posters are? I assume newchapter is a guy, but it seems others said you are gal. For the record, I am guy, part Martian.

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