Jesus was just a man?

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    Jesus deity cannot be proven by the Bible. There is no conclusion verse. The early church did not seem that interested and the later church is obsessed with it. You can prove something in the Bible is authentic by quoting the Bible as a proof source. This has been the subject of vehement and rigorous debate for many, many centuries.

    The orthodox formula is that He is fully human and fully God. All this may mean, though, is the people with the vote, who had the most political power, won their debate. It does not say much to the merits.

    I believe Christ is God through my faith. In my view, this is the most consistent with ancient church tradition and the scriptures give me a feel, but no answer.

    It is fine with me as long as I am aware what I am doing. The Bible can be used to find justification for whatever you want to believe. No wonder it is such an enduring book among humans.


    Glad: I would question that they are Christians if they deny that the Bible is the Word of God.

    The great thing about atheists is that they agree there is no god. Whereas Christians cannot agree on anything.

    Given that they are supposed to be united by holy spirit, in most peoples mind that amounts to a fail.

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    I Cor. 15 teaches about Christ's and our resurrection.

    Jn. 1; Col. 1; Phil. 2; Heb. 1, etc. teaches about Christ's Deity.

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    Again, Godrulz, you are evading the questions.

    Why doesn't Paul mention sayings or teachings of JESUS, not what Paul says about him?

    WHERE does Paul use the words resurrect or resurrection??

    ANSWER please.


  • godrulz

    Does Paul teach resurrection or not? If so, it does not matter if the word is used. Using your logic, Paul does not believe in the Father because He just uses God in some verses. Use a concordance to find out if Paul used the word (I assume he did, but an not sure). He did teach the concept in I Cor. 15. Mentioning the sayings and commenting on them are the same end result. I Cor. 11 has him quoting Jesus' words about the last supper/communion. I told you about F.F. Bruce who goes into more detail. What is your agenda? Any NT scholar will wonder why you are questioning these things? Jesus revealed things to Paul. His words are in the Gospels and Paul gives more revelation from God. Are you Jewish, anti-Paul?

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    You are arguing that because believers believe, it is enough.

    My point:

    1. The word resurrection is NOT found in Paul's writings. Lifted up, raised up, yes; not resurrect.

    2. Paul does not mention Jesus own teachings, and you know it. You have had 3 days to provide them, and can't.

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    Paul was the Fred Franz of his Day.

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    I Cor. 11 is a direct reference quoting Christ's words and teaching on communion. Whether the word resurrection is used or not, the concept clearly is (cf. WT lame argument about word trinity not in Bible, yet concept is). I really don't get your pointless point. Acts 17:32 they understand that Paul was teaching about the resurrection of the dead ('raising him from the dead'= resurrection, you nit wit). I Cor. 15 does use the word resurrection 'anastasis' in Greek. Check English and Greek translations.

    You are wrong and wasting my time. I gave you two e.g. and I am sure there are more.

    Tell me what your agenda is or don't waste our time with your arrogant ignorance.

    Franz is a pathetic man who ruined lives. He will give an account before God for suppressing truth and demanding compliance with things he was not sold on himself. Paul was one of the greatest Spirit-filled believers ever. Don't mention them side by side.

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