Jesus was just a man?

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  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    according to this video, jesus was just a man, but were can I find these books that speak of this

  • leavingwt

    The most important question, however, is this: Did Jesus rise from the dead?

    If he did, the implications are epic.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    You would not have time to read all the books if you start now and read until eternity comes. This is what the Jews and Romans proclaimed. He was only a social prophet and dangerous politcal radical. The gospels, read with some academic discipline, show the apostles confused. The best book on the subject is a famous novel, Katzenzakis, The Last Temptation Christ, by a former Greek Orthdox believer. The entire novel stressed the humanity of Jesus, his physicality. He wrote it because he felt the church erred in making Jesus too transcedent and other worldly. Any Jewish commentary. Mohammed. The Witnesses come close to this view. A related issue that is hotly debated is that if Jesus were conscious he was God, what purpose did his being human serve? God on the cross knows he can transform the universe in the next nanosecond. There is support both ways. The modern view is more that he was part of the Trinity but not conscious of it while on earth in human form. He may have had some glimmerings but nothing more. The gospels put the assertion in another's voice. Certainly, I idenitfy much more with God sacrificing himself, not knowing he has infinite power. God becoming human is the central tenet of Christianity that caused Stephen's martyrdom. It goes against the very core of Jewish belief. Jesus was very Jewish. If you have access to an academic database, such as Google Scholar or EBSCO host, you will receive thousands of hits. Recently, I googled Jesus trial in academic lit and received about 8,000 hits. This is the very essence of modern debate. It is the sexy subject. I taught son of God is rather meaningless. Many people were sons of god. God had no daughters. Son of man,however, is the big debate. Son of man sounds human, not god, to me but it is a messianic reference. If I were doing it, I would stick with university, peer-reviewed articles rather than googling at large. My New Testament neutral professor said she could absolutely awe us with any nonsense b/c, unlike English, History or science, public schools do not teach this matter. Most of us have no prior knowledge against which to scrutnize the assertions. I also know I am missing some major items. It has been a while.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    there is nothing written that he was raised, someone might had decided to bury him at his birth place or parents burial...done, I think if you take paul out of the bible it will make a bit more sense, theres the problem of when Jesus became the christ and divine, depends what book your reading, then there the "father father why have you forsaken me" which is straight from the book of dead.

    I have a lot of spare time to research these things now that im not a hypo dub, if you read from genesis to rev the big picture does not make any sense, god changes his mind, jesus passion is a mystery that some christian religions say it was so satan would not know what will happen.

  • designs

    Maybe the Aztec's would have related to human sacrifice as an appeasement to the gods.

  • Hortensia

    yes, he was just human -- if he existed at all

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Abba..... is so deeply Jewish! If four cultures have similaries and Jesus says something strictly in accordance with Jewish tradition, the good Jew that he was, why import Egypt, Mormonim, etc. The culture isn't near here. It is the very culture.

    A man being God is abhorent to Judaism. Absolutely abhorent. The central tenet of Judiasm is that there is only one transcedent God, most certainly not human in any aspect.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Throwing a hissy fit when a tree didn't have any food on it is decidedly human, and juvenial at that.

    The story/s, like many others, are probably just embellishments, Jesus being a composit of many, often Pagan, gods, heroes and stories.

    Many cultures have gods and heroes that may well have been real people that have had their escapades evolve out of all proportion to reality.

    Maui probably did find New Zealand, but I bet he didn't pull it out of the sea on a fishing line.

  • godrulz

    Jesus is the God-Man, one person with two natures (100% Deity/YHWH; 100% Humanity). He is the Son of God and the Son of Man. Islam is wrong to claim He is a mere man, prophet, teacher vs Son of God (equality with Father). They are wrong to deny His Deity, death, and resurrection. Jews are wrong to reject His Messiahship and Deity. JWs are wrong to reject His Deity. Mormons are wrong to make him a deified human, one of many gods (polytheism).

    Unless a JW, Jew, ex-JW, Muslim, etc. confesses that Jesus is Lord/YHWH, they will not have eternal life, but will perish (Jn. 1:1; Jn. 20:28: Jn. 1:12; Jn. 3:16 vs Jn. 3:36; Jn. 14:6; Acts 4:12; Phil. 2; Heb. 1; Col. 1; Rom. 10:9-10; I Jn. 5:11-13, etc.).

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Unless a JW, Jew, ex-JW, Muslim, etc. confesses that Jesus is Lord/YHWH, they will not have eternal life, but will perish

    Are you slowly converting to JW, gudrulz?

    You used to preach that they would burn in hell forever, now you've gone Dub and say they just die.

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